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Top Drugs Teens Use

There’s a lot for parents to be worried about these days, and teen drug use usually tops the list.

Here are the main substances that Worcester parents should be vigilant about.

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Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Your Child’s Teen Drug Use?

November 17, 2014 1 comment

You had the drug talk with your kids, but did you have the right one? If you only spoke to your children about the more common illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, your talk may not have been enough.

In addition to the drugs listed above, there is another type of drug use that is becoming quite popular with teens: prescription drug abuse. Just like traditional teen drug use, prescription drug abuse involves teens using prescription drugs they find around their own houses and the houses of their friends in order to get high.
ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing what you need to know about teens and prescription drug abuse.

Massachusetts Teens Sneaking Drugs Into Schools – How Are They Doing It, & What Can Parents Do?

Teenagers have been sneaking banned substances into school functions for years. But recently in Massachusetts and across the nation, the smuggled goods have shifted from the more innocent — a little liqueur to spike the punch at prom, for example — to more dangerous.

Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy are being smuggled into schools more and more.

We’re sharing how students are sneaking drugs onto school property, and how parents and school administrators can address the issue.

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Drug and Alcohol Use Higher Among Massachusetts Youth

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester | Teen Drug and Alcohol Use in Massachusetts

Massachusetts parents, health professionals, educators, and others, take note: according to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), youth in our state have a higher rate of underage drinking and illegal drug use.

What exactly did the SAMHSA report show? ARCpoint Labs of Worcester shares the details below.

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