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Drug Overdoses & Trafficking on the Rise in Worcester

With the new year comes the hope that things will get better. In Worcester and the surrounding communities, public officials are hoping that 2015 brings a solution to the worsening drug problems.

In December, the city saw a marked rise in drug overdoses, with 12 reported from December 12 – 18 alone, including one fatality. That brought the tally to 59 from December 1 – 18, higher than the 55 overdoses reported in November 2014 alone.

Read on for more details about Worcester’s troubling drug overdoses.

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Can Massachusetts Drug Courts Help Stop the Opiate Crisis?

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s no secret that Massachusetts is experiencing an opiate crisis. Every community is impacted by this widespread drug abuse — even our children are feeling the results of opiate use.

Now, public safety officials across the state are turning to special drug courts to handle the opiate crisis. In fact, the number of people processed through drug courts has nearly doubled thanks to the opiate crisis. Officials are hopeful that this process will stop the epidemic.

How do Massachusetts drug courts work, and how are they helping address opiate abuse? Here’s what you need to know.

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Current Opiate Crisis Affecting Worcester Children

September 22, 2014 1 comment

When you think of heroin use, you probably think of adults. Yet, while more adults are more prone to heroin use than children are, adults are far from the only ones who are being affected by Worcester’s current opiate crisis. Children, from babies to teenagers, are being greatly affected by this opiate crisis as well.

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