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Why Some Massachusetts Parents Want Their Children Using Marijuana From an Early Age

November 27, 2014 1 comment

For most parents, having children who don’t use marijuana is a good thing. For some parents, however, they can’t wait until their children are able to use marijuana regularly, and they are fine with their children using it from an early age.

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Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered by Insurance?

Proponents of medical marijuana are pushing for it to be covered by insurance. They argue that if it has acknowledged medical benefits, then Obamacare and other insurance plans should cover it. But there are many barriers preventing insurance providers from adding medical marijuana to their plans.

Find out the details of the clash between pro-medical marijuana proponents and those who say that it should not be covered by healthcare plans.

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Will Massachusetts Begin Taxing Medical Marijuana?

Passed in 2012, Massachusetts’ medical marijuana law allows registered patients with a diagnosed medical condition, including Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, Krohn’s disease, hepatitis C, and cancer, to possess a 60-day supply of marijuana for personal medical use.

One thing the law did not include was information on taxation.

One Massachusetts lawmaker is aiming to change that. Here are the details on Senator Brian Joyce’s proposal to tax medical marijuana.

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New Findings on Marijuana Usage & Its Effects on the Brain

Supporters of legalizing marijuana have long said that the drug has no proven harmful effects — but recent research from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital might prove these claims unfounded.

Read on to learn more about the latest on marijuana use and how it affects the brain.

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Medicinal Marijuana in the Workplace

Whether you agree with it or not, marijuana is legal in some states for medicinal purposes. Causing many heated debates, much research has gone into testing marijuana for medicinal purposes. But even if it is legal in your state, do you know the rules for allowing it in the workplace?

Medicinal Marijuana (pictured above) is most commonly used by patients who battle with the side effects of chemotherapy.

State Laws

Each state has their own unique laws on using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Most states do not allow its use and the ones that do, usually have other rules and regulations that go along with the use of medicinal marijuana.

However, regardless of state law, employers can set up a drug-free work policy that makes testing positive for any type of drug terms for termination. Even if the person has a note from a doctor in a “legal” state and even if they have a medical marijuana card, a company can set its own rules.

Marijuana’s Effects

Marijuana’s greatest effect is on the brain. This is the number one reason many employers are hesitant to allow employees to use marijuana even for medicinal purposes. As the marijuana is inhaled THC is released into the brain and can cause loss of coordination, memory loss, and difficulty thinking clearly.

Drug Screening

Aside from catching your employees with marijuana, the only other way to know for sure if it is being used is to do a drug screening. Drug screenings will be able to tell you first hand if your employees are using drugs.


Unfortunately when people hear they have to do a drug screening they begin to find ways to manipulate the testing. One way people try to manipulate the results is by drinking as many fluids as they can one to two hours before a urine test. This “wash out” process is supposed to dilute the concentration of drugs in the urine sample. Having the drug screen done at your office and with little notice to your employees is one of the most effective ways get results.

Types of Testing

Did you know that drugs can show up in a urine sample up to five days after use? And urine sampling is just one of the many different tests that are available through drug testing companies. There are several different tests that can be done to screen for marijuana and other drugs. Other tests include:

  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Saliva Testing
  • Skin Patch Test
  • Fingernail testing

With all the new laws and state regulations on medicinal medicines it is wise, if you are a business owner, to stay abreast on how the regulations effect your work place. Investigate what is acceptable for your state and then make adjustments and screenings accordingly.