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Drug Overdoses & Trafficking on the Rise in Worcester

With the new year comes the hope that things will get better. In Worcester and the surrounding communities, public officials are hoping that 2015 brings a solution to the worsening drug problems.

In December, the city saw a marked rise in drug overdoses, with 12 reported from December 12 – 18 alone, including one fatality. That brought the tally to 59 from December 1 – 18, higher than the 55 overdoses reported in November 2014 alone.

Read on for more details about Worcester’s troubling drug overdoses.

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Worcester Sees Rise in Drug Fatalities: How Can We Address Our Community’s Drug Problem?

September 9, 2014 1 comment

Worcester saw a rise in drug overdose fatalities last month, with 10 deaths reported in just six days and 9 of them due to heroin overdose. As we’ve shared in the past, Massachusetts has seen a 47% increase in overdose deaths since 1999, with opiates like heroin and prescription drugs at the heart of the epidemic.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing how lawmakers are attempting to address our community’s drug problem, and what can you do to help.

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Breaking Down the Opiate Crisis in Massachusetts

In less than four months, 185 people have died in Massachusetts of  suspected opiate overdose. Massachusetts Governor Duval declared a public health emergency in March in an attempt to curtail the crisis, but there are major institutional obstacles blocking progress.

The problem runs deeper than opiate abuse. Today we’ll take a look at deeper issues involved in the opiate crisis in Massachusetts. Read more…

Massachusetts Facing a Heroin Epidemic? Heroin Use on the Rise

Take a cursory glance at any newspaper or the nightly news in Massachusetts, and you’ll see a trend emerging: more and more, heroin use appears to be on the rise in our state. Heroin-related overdoses, drug busts, and arrests have seemingly increased over the past year, and even in the past few months.

The problem isn’t unique to the Bay State — nationwide, heroin use is increasing — but public officials and law enforcement in Massachusetts are growing concerned about the drug and prescription opiates in our state specifically.

Just how prevalent is heroin use in Massachusetts, and why should we be worried? Here are the details.

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Most Memorable Drug-Related Movies

February 25, 2013 3 comments

Drugs have always been a part of our culture and are a central theme to many popular movies. It was hard to do, but we narrowed it down to 10. In no particular order, here are our top 5:

Blow (2001)
This movie is based in 1960s Venice Beach where George (Johnny Depp) meets a marijuana dealer. He too, begins selling marijuana until he winds up in prison where he makes connections with the Columbian drug cartel. After prison, he finds himself as the larger importer of cocaine to the U.S.

Scarface (1983)
Cuban immigrants Tony Montana and his friend, Manny Ray, build a drug empire in Miami. Several gruesome scenes make this a very violent classic.

Requiem For a Dream (2000)
This movie follows the lives of 4 interrelated people whose recreational drug use turns into an addiction. The film tells the story of the effects of drug use as you watch the addicts face downward spirals. This film is said to very accurately depict the dangers and horrors that are caused by drugs.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
This film depicts Hunter S. Thompson (author) and his crazed lawyer’s road trip across Western America in search for the American Dream. They hit the road in the Red Shark – his red convertible – to cover a sporting event in Las Vegas with a large amount of drugs and alcohol accompanying them. In their search they come across fear, loathing, and comical adventures.

Trainspotting (1996)
Set in economically depressed Edinburgh, Scotland, this movie is about a group of Scottish youths that turn to heroin to escape reality. They then begin to suffer the consequences and see the effects it has on their relationships.

Stay tuned for our next 5 favorites. Any suggestions?