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Scientists May Have Identified the Neurons That Cause Nicotine Addiction

A recently-released study has changed what scientists know about nicotine addiction, providing hope for the treatment of addiction and withdrawal.
Here’s what you should know about these findings on nicotine addiction!

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Why Drug Testing is Now More Important Than Ever

If you’re an HR manager, CEO, or small business owner, listen up: you can’t keep putting off your workplace drug testing program.

Whether you’ve been avoiding employment drug testing as a cost cutting measure or you simply don’t find it necessary to drug test your workforce, it’s time to reconsider your position. New research shows that positive drug tests are on the rise.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing the results of the report — and what it means for your workplace.

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Benefits of EtG Alcohol Testing for Your Drug-Free Workplace

As an employer, you want to know when your employees are using drugs or alcohol on the job, potentially jeopardizing the lives of those around them. But did you know that some alcohol tests aren’t the most effective for detecting your employee’s alcohol use?

Here are all the details on EtG alcohol testing, and why we recommend it to businesses who want to keep their workplace as safe as possible.

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What Should Be Included In My Drug Testing Policy?

An employee is a major investment for any employer. Some studies show that an employer pays half or more of the what they pay for the employee’s salary in taxes, training, and benefits. And the fate of a business is directly in the hands of your employees; if they succeed, so does your business. If they fail, so do you.

Because of the value of employees, many employers choose to protect them and their business with Drug Free Workplace Programs. Join ARCpoint Labs of Worcester in taking a look at the elements that comprise a successful workplace drug testing program.

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Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered by Insurance?

Proponents of medical marijuana are pushing for it to be covered by insurance. They argue that if it has acknowledged medical benefits, then Obamacare and other insurance plans should cover it. But there are many barriers preventing insurance providers from adding medical marijuana to their plans.

Find out the details of the clash between pro-medical marijuana proponents and those who say that it should not be covered by healthcare plans.

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Breaking Down the Opiate Crisis in Massachusetts

In less than four months, 185 people have died in Massachusetts of  suspected opiate overdose. Massachusetts Governor Duval declared a public health emergency in March in an attempt to curtail the crisis, but there are major institutional obstacles blocking progress.

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Manage Your Prescription Drug Addiction Risk with These Four Steps

With the instances of celebrity prescription drug addiction on rise, more and more people are becoming aware of the addiction risk that their prescription drugs may carry. Prescription drugs do not carry the same social stigma that street drugs do, but when abused, they can be harmful or even deadly.

If you have any reason to worry that you may be at risk for a prescription drug addiction, be sure to take these four action steps to manage your addiction risk.

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