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Why Confidentiality is Key When it Comes to Your Employee’s Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality is an important part of of the recovery process. That’s because addiction experts have shown that access to confidential treatment services gets the most effective recovery results.

Today, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester will take a look at the interaction between confidential treatment options and addiction recovery.

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Can You Cheat A Drug Test with Baking Soda?

As a drug testing lab in Worcester, we’ve seen many ways drug-using individuals have tried to cheat a drug test. And one of the bizarre methods for trying to cheat? Baking soda.

Now it’s not all that bizarre from the standpoint that baking soda is a very common household product. However, we find it odd that many are trying to use it to pass a drug test.

The Thought Behind Baking Soda for Drug Tests


Save your baking soda for the cookies – don’t waste it on trying to pass a drug test.

The idea behind swallowing baking soda to pass a drug test involves acidity. For some reason people began to think that if they’d ingest baking soda, they’d lower the acidity levels in the body and mask their drug use. It’s typically used as a cleansing agent, so I suppose many go to this product when trying to cleanse their systems. Now trying to scarf down a tablespoon or two of baking soda (even in powder form) seems pretty harsh, but the disappointment when this method fails to pass the test is even harder to swallow.

Baking soda is suggested among many meth users trying to flush out their systems. It’s also been thrown out there as a way to pass a hair test. Some online retailers try to sell special products that mask the evidence housed within the hair follicle through a baking soda creme or mixture. However it’s looking like this isn’t exactly a great way to go about passing a drug test.

Does Baking Soda Work when Cheating A Drug Test?

So the question everyone is after – does it work? Spend some time online and you’ll honestly get mixed results. A handful have hopped on message boards and said it’s worked for them – mix some baking soda with water and woah-la – they passed the test. However while these “success” stories may be found on a few sites – even more of what’s being found are questions posed to message boards without any answer. It seems as though there’s not a widespread agreement that chugging down baking soda works when trying to pass a drug test – at least not among the drug-using community. And I’d second that in my Worcester drug testing lab.

Think about it for a second – chugging down baking soda isn’t only unhealthy, but it’s also pretty dangerous. Ingesting too much can give you serious health risks. It’s not worth it, and especially for a method that’s not got a proven track record when it comes to cheating drug tests. If you don’t believe me – just see for yourself. Opinions on baking soda’s effectiveness to pass a drug test are all over the board. Doesn’t seem to be working so great though.

From my perspective as someone who sees individuals passing and not passing drug tests every day – the best route when trying to pass a drug test is to stop doing drugs! Don’t scarf down a box of baking soda – it’s results are less than glowing plus it’s not worth the risk. Our drug tests have advanced so much these days, it’s very difficult to cheat a drug test – no matter what drug you took. Your best option is to first – make a commitment to stop using or stay clean (especially if you’re about to work for someone who requires a drug-free, zero-tolerance work environment.) And second – stop using drugs. That’s the surest way you’ll pass the test.

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Signs Your Employee Might be Trying to Cheat their Drug Test

If you require frequent drug testing of your employees, you might see some of them breaking into sweat on occasion. For years, frequent drug users have looked for ways to cheat drug tests. While some have been successful, others have failed miserably. If you’re an employer wondering if your employee is about to try to cheat a drug test, here are a few signs to look for:

1. Hair Dye to cheat Hair Follicle

The Internet boards are full of advice from drug users on how to cheat hair follicle testing. One popular method is hair dye that claims to cheat the test. Sadly, these don’t work. But if you spot your employees frantically trying to dye their hair – you might be on to something.

2. Hair Cuts to cheat Hair Follicle

In addition to hair dye, some boards encourage users to cut their hair, or nearly shave their heads, to rid the evidence of any drug use. However, a hair follicle will keep evidence of use for at least 90 days even when it grows back.

3. Torn Up Fingernails

New testing of the fingernails or toenails for drug use is said to be just as accurate and cheat-proof as hair follicle testing. The drugs in the blood stream end up in the nail beds. Users might try to tamper with their fingernails or toenails to rid evidence of drug use.

4. Tons and Tons of Water Drinking

“Water loading” is when an individual might drink tons and tons of water before a urine test. This age-old method assumes that the body can be “flushed” of the drugs quickly before a test.

5. Gulping Down The Vitamins

Some trying to cheat a urine test believe that taking vitamins will help dilute the drugs used, too. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work either and can actually cause the body a lot of harm. If you see an employee double-fisting the vitamins and be on guard that something’s up.

This isn’t a conclusive list by any means, but it might help get you thinking about how to identify if your employee is using drugs and trying to cheat a drug test. Ring in and let us know if you’ve seen other ways people have tried to cheat a drug test around your office!

Can You Cheat A Hair Drug Test?

February 3, 2012 1 comment

Drug users have become sneaky over the years, and tightened screening methods and new ways of drug testing have been created in response. Even one of the latest, most-effective drug testing methods – hair follicle testing – has created quite a race among drug users trying to come up with ways to cheat the test.


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Why Try To Cheat a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Cheating methods like taking cleansing pills to dilute urine and providing placebos in place of an actual urine samples are nothing new to the drug testing industry. Some even try to find ways to cheat a urine test with another individual’s urine in hopes of appearing “clean” on the employer-mandated drug tests. Facilities (especially ours that follows DOT protocol) have created “safe rooms” to prevent these types of drug cheating situations; however, a hair test can actually solve many of these urine testing problems.

A hair follicle drug test is a great way to get an accurate drug test result. It’s mandated by several government agencies because of its effectiveness. The drugs that entered one’s bloodstream are carried into the hair follicles, and housed within the hair shaft itself for several months – if not up to a year or more. Hair drug tests can detect the use of many types of drugs.

Bleaching Hair Won’t Fake a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Some retail products tout that they can help you pass a hair follicle test through hair bleach, redye or even baking soda. Others recommend perm treatments. As a lab that performs many drug tests, we’ve not seen any of these products produce a reliable way of cheating a drug test.

Users have also either cut their hair extremely short and/or shaved off all body hair. In the end however, the new hair regrowth still contains traces of the chemicals from previous drug use.

The hair follicle test is the most accurate drug test because the evidence of drug use lives in the blood stream that goes to the hair follicle – so any sample provided of human hair will contain traces of the drug within the hair structure itself.