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Top Drugs Teens Use

There’s a lot for parents to be worried about these days, and teen drug use usually tops the list.

Here are the main substances that Worcester parents should be vigilant about.

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Scientists May Have Identified the Neurons That Cause Nicotine Addiction

A recently-released study has changed what scientists know about nicotine addiction, providing hope for the treatment of addiction and withdrawal.
Here’s what you should know about these findings on nicotine addiction!

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Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Your Child’s Teen Drug Use?

November 17, 2014 1 comment

You had the drug talk with your kids, but did you have the right one? If you only spoke to your children about the more common illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, your talk may not have been enough.

In addition to the drugs listed above, there is another type of drug use that is becoming quite popular with teens: prescription drug abuse. Just like traditional teen drug use, prescription drug abuse involves teens using prescription drugs they find around their own houses and the houses of their friends in order to get high.
ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing what you need to know about teens and prescription drug abuse.

Are You Committing These Workplace Drug Testing Errors? (Part 1)

October 10, 2014 1 comment

If your company has a drug testing policy, you should be commended — but only if you’re also sure that your policy follows drug testing best practices. If not, you might be unknowingly employing workers who are using drugs or abusing alcohol, which can affect workplace costs and safety.

We’re sharing some drug testing errors to avoid when designing or implementing your workplace drug testing program.

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Current Opiate Crisis Affecting Worcester Children

September 22, 2014 1 comment

When you think of heroin use, you probably think of adults. Yet, while more adults are more prone to heroin use than children are, adults are far from the only ones who are being affected by Worcester’s current opiate crisis. Children, from babies to teenagers, are being greatly affected by this opiate crisis as well.

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How to Help a Loved One Who’s Struggling with Addiction

If you have a loved one who’s struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, then you understand how difficult it is to see them controlled by these substances. Especially if they are resistant to seeking professional help, the situation can be very heartbreaking. On a positive note, there are some excellent resources available for people who have drug addiction or alcohol addiction problems.

Options For Helping A Loved One With Addiction

Testing for Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in WorcesterIntervention

Intervention is a specific procedure where family and friends confront their loved one with alcohol addiction or drug addiction. During the intervention process, the person with the addiction is asked to understand the consequences of their behavior and to seek treatment. Because this is a very sensitive situation with possible negative reactions, it is best to have expert help from a psychologist, a mental health professional or an intervention specialist.

Support Groups

If your loved one refuses help with their drug addiction or alcohol addiction, there are several support groups to help you through the process. Support groups such as Al-Anon or Al-Ateen host regular meetings in most cities, are open to anyone and are free to attend. These groups are excellent ways to fellowship with other people who are facing similar drug addiction or alcohol addiction scenarios as well as teaching you how to effectively cope with your loved one’s addiction.

Drug Testing/Drug Monitoring

To verify if your loved one has backslid into their drug addiction, drug testing may be an option for you. Some treatment centers use a sweat patch. This effective alternative to urine collection is worn for a period of 10 days or longer. In addition, the sweat patch can act as a deterrent for continued drug use because it monitors the person’s sweat for the entire period that it’s worn.

Because a person who has drug or alcohol addiction may refuse help initially, it is important to know all your options in your efforts to help them. Professional consulting agencies are also a wonderful resource to get your loved one on the road to recovery.

Get Help

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is ready to provide drug testing services to monitor your loved one for drug addiction. Our drug testing services, in conjunction with the help of health care professionals, this can be a major factor to help fight drug addiction.

To learn more about our drug testing services or get started today, call (774) 314-9551.