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Keep Employees Safe at Your Workplace Holiday Party

Workplace holiday parties are a time for merriment — but no one’s spirits will be bright if alcohol or drug abuse ruins the evening!

While we think that it’s important to allow your employees to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves during the holiday season, serving alcohol at your office party can be a risk.

Here are some alternatives to the typical boozy bash that will still keep your workers happy these holidays!

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Benefits of EtG Alcohol Testing for Your Drug-Free Workplace

As an employer, you want to know when your employees are using drugs or alcohol on the job, potentially jeopardizing the lives of those around them. But did you know that some alcohol tests aren’t the most effective for detecting your employee’s alcohol use?

Here are all the details on EtG alcohol testing, and why we recommend it to businesses who want to keep their workplace as safe as possible.

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Why Confidentiality is Key When it Comes to Your Employee’s Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality is an important part of of the recovery process. That’s because addiction experts have shown that access to confidential treatment services gets the most effective recovery results.

Today, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester will take a look at the interaction between confidential treatment options and addiction recovery.

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Confronting An Employee About Alcohol Abuse

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Employee Drug & Alcohol TestingIf there’s one thing that is for certain, it’s that your employees should never reek of alcohol when they are on the job. If you have noticed an employee coming to work smelling like a brewery, this is something that should be addressed promptly. The question is, How do you approach and deal with an employee who has been drinking on the job?

How To Confront An Employee About Alcohol Abuse

Review Company Policy

The first thing you should do is consider your company policy. Does your company have a policy in place for drug and alcohol testing? Does the company enforce a zero tolerance policy? Do you have any contracts that require you to follow a specific 3rd party procedure such as the Department of Transportation’s policy for drug and alcohol testing? Before you consider what you’re going to do, know exactly what you’re required to do.

Is The Employee Really Under the Influence?

Before confronting the employee, observe their behavior. Do signs of alcohol use really exist? Does the employee exhibit motor skill problems, slurred speech, alcohol odors or irrational emotional behavior?

Confronting An Alcoholic Employee

This should be done privately and professionally. You want to talk to the employee in a calm manner without making judgements or accusations. If you suspect that the employee is obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then now is not the best time to start reprimanding them over their work quality or other performance issues. You should emphasize concern for their personal well-being and provide them with information about any employee assistance programs that might be in place.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing

The next step is to send the employee for drug and alcohol testing, provided that your company policy allows testing or is required to do so under law. If this is not an option, talk to the employee about referring them to a doctor for evaluation.

Sending An Employee Home

An employee who refuses medical attention and is obviously under the influence needs to be sent home. You should not allow this employee to drive. Call the emergency contact number listed for that employee and have them pick up the employee. The warning signs that you interpreted as the employee being under the influence could have also been signs of a more serious medical condition. You should not let this person leave unattended.

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Statistics Day: Drugs & Alcohol at Work

It’s time for a few statistics today. Sometimes they speak for themselves. So, to encourage you in your efforts to keep your workplace drug & alcohol-free, here are a few eye-openers:

More than 70 percent of substance abusers hold jobs; one worker in four, ages 18 to 34, used drugs in the past year; and one worker in three knows of drug sales in the workplace. (Source:  American Council for Drug Education)

Did you catch that? One-third of workers know of drug SALES in the workplace.

More than six percent of the population over 12 years of age (13.9 million people) has used drugs within the past thirty days. Rates of use remain highest among persons aged 16 to 25–the age group entering the work force most rapidly. (Source: U.S. Dept of Labor)

Yep – those high school and college students seeking out your jobs now and in the future have the highest rates of drug use. Even more reason for pre-employment drug testing.

Alcohol abuse statistics also tell us that a total of 23 million Americans suffer from substance abuse addiction, and 18 million is alcohol related. Almost three times as many men as women are problem drinkers.

Makes you think twice about encouraging your employees to become drinking buddies… (Source: learn-about-alcoholism)

13 million Americans have an alcohol drinking problem. (Source:


Drug & alcohol use is pretty common … statistics show.

Yep – it’s quite common…

How Do I Get Drugs & Alcohol Out of My Workplace?

So – the question – how do you ensure that drugs & alcohol steer clear of your workplace? Well, take a hint from BP and enforce strict drug & alcohol testing measures. Become known as a zero-tolerance employer and be faithful to comply with your pre-employment testing policies, as well as recurring testing policies, as needed. It’s

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Random Drug Testing – Good or Bad?

Organizations that fall under the Department of Transportation (DOT) have mandated drug testing situations. There’s not an option of testing or not testing when it comes to pre-employment drug testing – it’s a must. In addition, employees are subject to random drug testing after they’ve been hired. However if you’re not under DOT regulations, you’ll want to be careful on random drug testing your employees and know your local and state laws.

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Make sure you know your local and state laws before you randomly drug test your employees

Random Drug Testing for DOT

The DOT requires random drug testing. That’s because those under this regulation must comply with safety standards. Those who operate large vehicles, trains, planes, trucks, ships, etc. are all under DOT regulations. It doesn’t only protect the operator and the organization, but such tight safety restrictions are in place to protect passengers and passersby, too.

Random Drug Test Non-DOT Employees

If you don’t have employees who fall under DOT regulations, you will want to read up on your state and local government laws first. Some states allow employers the freedom to randomly send employees for drug & alcohol testing, leaving no time between notification of the test and expectation of specimen collection. While this is the case in some areas, other states and governments are protecting employees fighting back against random drug testing. Some will say “reasonable cause” is needed to drug test employees (such as poor productivity, signs of use or post-accident testing.) Some employees have even tested positive to drug testing, yet still won in legal matters, since the random test was seen as an invasion of rights and privacy.

How to Random Drug Test

Random drug testing is a great way to keep your employees off drugs in the event your state and governments will allow it. Make sure this procedure is written into your workplace drug policy so that all employees know the expectation. It must be clear that you have a no-drug policy and will stick by it. And again – we cannot reinforce enough – make sure you know what your state governments say about it before you implement the policy!

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