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Drug Dealers May Now Be Legally Responsible for Overdose Deaths

With drug fatalities climbing, Worcester officials are seeking ways to address the city’s problem.

One proposal by the city council: law enforcement and prosecutors should look into pressing charges against drug dealers linked to overdose deaths.

Learn more about the petition and its potential application below.

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Worcester Sees Rise in Drug Fatalities: How Can We Address Our Community’s Drug Problem?

September 9, 2014 1 comment

Worcester saw a rise in drug overdose fatalities last month, with 10 deaths reported in just six days and 9 of them due to heroin overdose. As we’ve shared in the past, Massachusetts has seen a 47% increase in overdose deaths since 1999, with opiates like heroin and prescription drugs at the heart of the epidemic.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing how lawmakers are attempting to address our community’s drug problem, and what can you do to help.

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DEA Launches Nationwide Synthetic Drug Raids

Last month, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration proved its commitment to cracking down on synthetic drugs.

As we’ve explained in the past, though some forms of synthetic drug are technically legal due to manufacturers finding loopholes in current drug laws, synthetic drugs are very harmful substances that can even prove fatal. K2, spice, and bath salts are just a few of the names these drugs go by — and you can find them in regular retail stores.

Here’s more on the DEA’s recent crackdown and its impact on the synthetic drug industry.

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The Failed War On Drugs?

December 9, 2012 9 comments

It’s hard to admit that United States’ War On Drugs has been a failure, but British billionaire Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is certainly making a strong case in his special CNN article.

Failed War On Drugs

Richard-Branson-Failed-War-On-DrugsIf there was an argument for legalizing drugs that was constantly repeated, it’s the prison debate. Branson says in his article that the United States has the largest prison population (2.3 million) and more than half of the incarcerated are where they are because of illegal drugs.

But the most alarming thing Branson says comes from the United Nations, which have estimated that illegal drug trade is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $320 billion.  Legalizing drugs in the United States, Branson says, would create over $46 billion of taxable revenue.

He likens the War on Drugs, which was declared in 1971 by President Nixon, to be like prohibition in the 1920s. It created an increased consumption of hard liquor rather than a curtailing of drunkenness.

Branson want’s the United States to start doing some thinking, and perhaps consider legalizing drug use.

Well, we’ve thought about it

With all due respect, Mr. Branson. You are a billionaire, a media mogul, and some might even call you a genius.  But the facts remain. Recreational drugs are harmful to everyone who uses them. They’re addictive and have drastic side effects that can range from paranoia, to anxiety, to depression, and can lead to death.

As Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana, the states are recognizing the threat it poses on drivers and are working on ways to keep it off the road.  Likewise, they’re working on ways to keep it out of the workplace.

If drugs are legalized nationwide, we’d be looking at more workplace accidents, more traffic accidents, and seeing an increase in those awful aforementioned side effects.

The Solution

The solution is not legalization.  The solution is improved education about what drugs are, what they can do, and why not to partake in activities that involve them.  We need to be smarter, but not in the way you suggest, Mr. Branson.

Be smart by getting drug tested at ARCpoint Labs in Worcester.  For more information, please call (774) 314-9551.