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What does a 10-panel drug test include?

December 19, 2014 12 comments

Last week we gave you the scoop on what a 5-panel drug test involved. And you might or might not know, but there is such thing as a 10-panel drug test. In addition to testing the “traditional” drugs through a 5-panel, the 10-panel drug test dives in even deeper to look for abuse of prescription medications and hallucinogens.

What does a 10-panel drug test include, and why should employers use it for workplace drug testing? Here’s the information you need.

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Top Drugs Teens Use

There’s a lot for parents to be worried about these days, and teen drug use usually tops the list.

Here are the main substances that Worcester parents should be vigilant about.

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Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Your Child’s Teen Drug Use?

November 17, 2014 1 comment

You had the drug talk with your kids, but did you have the right one? If you only spoke to your children about the more common illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, your talk may not have been enough.

In addition to the drugs listed above, there is another type of drug use that is becoming quite popular with teens: prescription drug abuse. Just like traditional teen drug use, prescription drug abuse involves teens using prescription drugs they find around their own houses and the houses of their friends in order to get high.
ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing what you need to know about teens and prescription drug abuse.

Manage Your Prescription Drug Addiction Risk with These Four Steps

With the instances of celebrity prescription drug addiction on rise, more and more people are becoming aware of the addiction risk that their prescription drugs may carry. Prescription drugs do not carry the same social stigma that street drugs do, but when abused, they can be harmful or even deadly.

If you have any reason to worry that you may be at risk for a prescription drug addiction, be sure to take these four action steps to manage your addiction risk.

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Massachusetts Bill Aims to Make Drug Treatment More Accessible

Boston lawmakers are working on a new bill that seeks to improve the drug treatment availability for addicts.

Currently, many drug users are being denied the addiction treatment that they want and need to resume a normal, functional lifestyle. They tell the hospital which insurance company they have, and they are denied addiction treatment on the spot as the hospital knows that their insurance company will not cover the drug treatment. This bill is designed to change that.

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Massachusetts Challenging New FDA-Approved Prescription Drug Zohydro

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Zohydro, an opiod-based painkiller with just one ingredient.

Zogenix Inc., the prescription drug manufacturer, hails Zohydro because it lacks acetaminophen, which causes acute liver failure when overdosed. Zohydro will supply pain relief without increasing the risk of liver toxicity.

Yet lawmakers and public health officials in many states are worried about the FDA’s approval of Zohydro, arguing it will exacerbate the already-dangerous prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Why are these concerns about Zohydro so prevalent? Here are the details!

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1 in 10 Small Businesses Have Employees Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Employee drug and alcohol use can be detrimental to your business — not just in terms of lost productivity and financial impacts, but also in terms of employee safety. That’s why it’s key for all companies to be aware of their employees’ actions, particularly when they’re on the clock.

Do you know how many of your small business employees are under the influence of drugs and alcohol? The number might be higher than you expect. We share the latest details below — and provide some tips for keeping employee drug and alcohol use in check.

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