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Drug Dealers May Now Be Legally Responsible for Overdose Deaths

With drug fatalities climbing, Worcester officials are seeking ways to address the city’s problem.

One proposal by the city council: law enforcement and prosecutors should look into pressing charges against drug dealers linked to overdose deaths.

Learn more about the petition and its potential application below.

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More Workplace Drug Testing Mistakes to Avoid

In our last post, we outlined three major drug testing mistakes that businesses make. Now, we’re exploring three more errors we’ve seen companies commit, so that your drug testing program is done right.

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Can Massachusetts Drug Courts Help Stop the Opiate Crisis?

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s no secret that Massachusetts is experiencing an opiate crisis. Every community is impacted by this widespread drug abuse — even our children are feeling the results of opiate use.

Now, public safety officials across the state are turning to special drug courts to handle the opiate crisis. In fact, the number of people processed through drug courts has nearly doubled thanks to the opiate crisis. Officials are hopeful that this process will stop the epidemic.

How do Massachusetts drug courts work, and how are they helping address opiate abuse? Here’s what you need to know.

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Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered by Insurance?

Proponents of medical marijuana are pushing for it to be covered by insurance. They argue that if it has acknowledged medical benefits, then Obamacare and other insurance plans should cover it. But there are many barriers preventing insurance providers from adding medical marijuana to their plans.

Find out the details of the clash between pro-medical marijuana proponents and those who say that it should not be covered by healthcare plans.

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Lawmakers Looking to Ban Synthetic Marijuana in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is fairly lenient state it comes to marijuana. Though full legalization of marijuana has yet to come to our state, a 2008 law decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, and a 2012 initiative eliminated penalties for medical use and possession of a 60-day supply of marijuana for individuals with state-issued cards.

Our state isn’t so flexible when it comes to synthetic marijuana, however. Massachusetts might soon be among the states that have banned synthetic marijuana.

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