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Keep Employees Safe at Your Workplace Holiday Party

Workplace holiday parties are a time for merriment — but no one’s spirits will be bright if alcohol or drug abuse ruins the evening!

While we think that it’s important to allow your employees to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves during the holiday season, serving alcohol at your office party can be a risk.

Here are some alternatives to the typical boozy bash that will still keep your workers happy these holidays!

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Benefits of EtG Alcohol Testing for Your Drug-Free Workplace

As an employer, you want to know when your employees are using drugs or alcohol on the job, potentially jeopardizing the lives of those around them. But did you know that some alcohol tests aren’t the most effective for detecting your employee’s alcohol use?

Here are all the details on EtG alcohol testing, and why we recommend it to businesses who want to keep their workplace as safe as possible.

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