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Keep Employees Safe at Your Workplace Holiday Party

Workplace holiday parties are a time for merriment — but no one’s spirits will be bright if alcohol or drug abuse ruins the evening!

While we think that it’s important to allow your employees to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves during the holiday season, serving alcohol at your office party can be a risk.

Here are some alternatives to the typical boozy bash that will still keep your workers happy these holidays!

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Benefits of EtG Alcohol Testing for Your Drug-Free Workplace

As an employer, you want to know when your employees are using drugs or alcohol on the job, potentially jeopardizing the lives of those around them. But did you know that some alcohol tests aren’t the most effective for detecting your employee’s alcohol use?

Here are all the details on EtG alcohol testing, and why we recommend it to businesses who want to keep their workplace as safe as possible.

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What Should Be Included In My Drug Testing Policy?

An employee is a major investment for any employer. Some studies show that an employer pays half or more of the what they pay for the employee’s salary in taxes, training, and benefits. And the fate of a business is directly in the hands of your employees; if they succeed, so does your business. If they fail, so do you.

Because of the value of employees, many employers choose to protect them and their business with Drug Free Workplace Programs. Join ARCpoint Labs of Worcester in taking a look at the elements that comprise a successful workplace drug testing program.

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How to Help a Loved One Who’s Struggling with Addiction

If you have a loved one who’s struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, then you understand how difficult it is to see them controlled by these substances. Especially if they are resistant to seeking professional help, the situation can be very heartbreaking. On a positive note, there are some excellent resources available for people who have drug addiction or alcohol addiction problems.

Options For Helping A Loved One With Addiction

Testing for Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in WorcesterIntervention

Intervention is a specific procedure where family and friends confront their loved one with alcohol addiction or drug addiction. During the intervention process, the person with the addiction is asked to understand the consequences of their behavior and to seek treatment. Because this is a very sensitive situation with possible negative reactions, it is best to have expert help from a psychologist, a mental health professional or an intervention specialist.

Support Groups

If your loved one refuses help with their drug addiction or alcohol addiction, there are several support groups to help you through the process. Support groups such as Al-Anon or Al-Ateen host regular meetings in most cities, are open to anyone and are free to attend. These groups are excellent ways to fellowship with other people who are facing similar drug addiction or alcohol addiction scenarios as well as teaching you how to effectively cope with your loved one’s addiction.

Drug Testing/Drug Monitoring

To verify if your loved one has backslid into their drug addiction, drug testing may be an option for you. Some treatment centers use a sweat patch. This effective alternative to urine collection is worn for a period of 10 days or longer. In addition, the sweat patch can act as a deterrent for continued drug use because it monitors the person’s sweat for the entire period that it’s worn.

Because a person who has drug or alcohol addiction may refuse help initially, it is important to know all your options in your efforts to help them. Professional consulting agencies are also a wonderful resource to get your loved one on the road to recovery.

Get Help

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is ready to provide drug testing services to monitor your loved one for drug addiction. Our drug testing services, in conjunction with the help of health care professionals, this can be a major factor to help fight drug addiction.

To learn more about our drug testing services or get started today, call (774) 314-9551.

1 in 10 Small Businesses Have Employees Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Employee drug and alcohol use can be detrimental to your business — not just in terms of lost productivity and financial impacts, but also in terms of employee safety. That’s why it’s key for all companies to be aware of their employees’ actions, particularly when they’re on the clock.

Do you know how many of your small business employees are under the influence of drugs and alcohol? The number might be higher than you expect. We share the latest details below — and provide some tips for keeping employee drug and alcohol use in check.

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Drug and Alcohol Use Higher Among Massachusetts Youth

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester | Teen Drug and Alcohol Use in Massachusetts

Massachusetts parents, health professionals, educators, and others, take note: according to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), youth in our state have a higher rate of underage drinking and illegal drug use.

What exactly did the SAMHSA report show? ARCpoint Labs of Worcester shares the details below.

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Energy Drinks And Abuse

October 17, 2013 7 comments

Energy DrinksAn energy drink can be briefly described as a beverage containing stimulants, mainly caffeine. It may be carbonated or not. Red Bull is, without a doubt, one of the most popular energy drinks on the market today. However, monster has also grown in leaps and bounds. The other mainstream energy drink brands include: Rock star, NOS, Amp, Full Throttle, Xyience Xenergy and VPX Redline.

Energy Drink Side Effects

When consumed in moderation, energy drinks improve mental and cognitive functioning, muscle endurance and subjective alertness. For this reason, the contemporary energy drink market is booming. The benefits of energy drinks do not come without side effects. The FDA recently scrutinized these beverages on their safety but people are still using them, oblivious to their potential dangers. Energy drinks have both physiological and psychological side effects. The most common ones are Palpitations or tachycardia, shaking, gastrointestinal upsets, chest pains, dizziness, tingling of the skin, respiratory distress and headache.

Caffeine and sugar

An energy drink will typically have more caffeine content than a cup of strong coffee. Apart from the obvious tooth decay from sugar and addiction from caffeine, these ingredients lead to mild and moderate euphoria. This may induce agitation, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Nervousness, nausea, abnormal heart rhythms, increased urination and dyspepsia are also common. Dehydration occurs when the caffeine in the energy drink causes water to be excreted to dilute sugar concentration in the bloodstream.


This causes insomnia, low blood pressure, palpitations, edema, tachycardia, vertigo, headache, mania, fever, vaginal bleeding, pruritus and appetite suppression.


Ginkgo Biloba herb

This herb has been reported to cause minor effects such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations, as well as restlessness.


It causes vomiting, headache, nausea, diarrhea, restlessness, stuffy nose and sleeping difficulties.

Energy Drink Abuse

Consumption of more than two cans of energy drink is usually harmful, especially to pregnant women, children under 16, athletes and breast feeders. People suffering from hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should avoid all energy drinks. Energy drinks can also be very dangerous when mixed with alcoholic beverages. Regulations are not as strict on energy drinks as they are on sodas and juices. This is because the energy drinks are categorized as supplements and it is up to the consumer to exercise caution when consuming them.

For more information on a drug free workplace or drug testing, contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today.

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