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Drug Dealers May Now Be Legally Responsible for Overdose Deaths

With drug fatalities climbing, Worcester officials are seeking ways to address the city’s problem.

One proposal by the city council: law enforcement and prosecutors should look into pressing charges against drug dealers linked to overdose deaths.

Learn more about the petition and its potential application below.

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Can Massachusetts Drug Courts Help Stop the Opiate Crisis?

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s no secret that Massachusetts is experiencing an opiate crisis. Every community is impacted by this widespread drug abuse — even our children are feeling the results of opiate use.

Now, public safety officials across the state are turning to special drug courts to handle the opiate crisis. In fact, the number of people processed through drug courts has nearly doubled thanks to the opiate crisis. Officials are hopeful that this process will stop the epidemic.

How do Massachusetts drug courts work, and how are they helping address opiate abuse? Here’s what you need to know.

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Current Opiate Crisis Affecting Worcester Children

September 22, 2014 1 comment

When you think of heroin use, you probably think of adults. Yet, while more adults are more prone to heroin use than children are, adults are far from the only ones who are being affected by Worcester’s current opiate crisis. Children, from babies to teenagers, are being greatly affected by this opiate crisis as well.

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Why Confidentiality is Key When it Comes to Your Employee’s Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality is an important part of of the recovery process. That’s because addiction experts have shown that access to confidential treatment services gets the most effective recovery results.

Today, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester will take a look at the interaction between confidential treatment options and addiction recovery.

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What Should Be Included In My Drug Testing Policy?

An employee is a major investment for any employer. Some studies show that an employer pays half or more of the what they pay for the employee’s salary in taxes, training, and benefits. And the fate of a business is directly in the hands of your employees; if they succeed, so does your business. If they fail, so do you.

Because of the value of employees, many employers choose to protect them and their business with Drug Free Workplace Programs. Join ARCpoint Labs of Worcester in taking a look at the elements that comprise a successful workplace drug testing program.

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Breaking Down the Opiate Crisis in Massachusetts

In less than four months, 185 people have died in Massachusetts of  suspected opiate overdose. Massachusetts Governor Duval declared a public health emergency in March in an attempt to curtail the crisis, but there are major institutional obstacles blocking progress.

The problem runs deeper than opiate abuse. Today we’ll take a look at deeper issues involved in the opiate crisis in Massachusetts. Read more…

Manage Your Prescription Drug Addiction Risk with These Four Steps

With the instances of celebrity prescription drug addiction on rise, more and more people are becoming aware of the addiction risk that their prescription drugs may carry. Prescription drugs do not carry the same social stigma that street drugs do, but when abused, they can be harmful or even deadly.

If you have any reason to worry that you may be at risk for a prescription drug addiction, be sure to take these four action steps to manage your addiction risk.

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