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Drug Overdoses & Trafficking on the Rise in Worcester

With the new year comes the hope that things will get better. In Worcester and the surrounding communities, public officials are hoping that 2015 brings a solution to the worsening drug problems.

In December, the city saw a marked rise in drug overdoses, with 12 reported from December 12 – 18 alone, including one fatality. That brought the tally to 59 from December 1 – 18, higher than the 55 overdoses reported in November 2014 alone.

Read on for more details about Worcester’s troubling drug overdoses.

Worcester Drug Overdoses Rising Again

Drug Overdoses Increasing Statewide

Worcester is not the only area experiencing an increase in drug overdoses. State police actually released a warning in December, noting that Massachusetts had 58 overdose deaths since December 1, not including the deaths in larger cities such as Boston, Springfield, and Worcester.

Worcester’s police chief, Gary Gemme, noted that the city saw a steady rise in drug overdoses in 2014 as a whole, though things had leveled off since a big spike — 10 drug overdose deaths in just 5 days — which occurred in August.

Riskier Behaviors to Blame?

Gemme thinks that part of the problem is that Narcan has been made widely available to police officers and the public.

While he supports this decision because the drug has helped reverse a number of potentially fatal drug overdoses, at the same time, he suggests that drug users may view Narcan’s increased accessibility as a reason to take more risks. Users may think that trying heroin is okay because even if they do overdose, it can be reversed with Narcan.

Tainted Heroin?

State police are looking into whether Massachusetts’ recent rise in drug overdose fatalities is thanks to a bad batch of heroin; Worcester law enforcement is doing the same. It could be that the heroin used in these drug overdoses comes from a single source, but no conclusions have been reached yet.

Gemme does point out that heroin use is dangerous, period, even if the substance hasn’t been tainted. Since users can’t know the purity level of the heroin, what it’s been cut with, or what substances are used in packaging the drug, taking it is a danger with life-threatening consequences every single time.

Drug Testing in Worcester

If you are a Worcester business owner concerned about the rise of heroin use in the community, partner with ARCpoint Labs of Worcester for accurate workplace drug testing. Our drug tests include a 5-panel test that can identify opiate use.

To learn more about our services, call (774) 314-9551 today.

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