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Scientists May Have Identified the Neurons That Cause Nicotine Addiction

A recently-released study has changed what scientists know about nicotine addiction, providing hope for the treatment of addiction and withdrawal.
Here’s what you should know about these findings on nicotine addiction!

The Neurons Behind Nicotine Addiction

Previously, it was presumed that nicotine addiction was caused by two distinct brain systems: during drug use, the reward system, and during withdrawal, the stress system. But new research out of The Scripps Research Institute of San Diego has revealed that neurons in the brain’s reward system are not only active when smokers are using nicotine, but also during withdrawal.

What does this mean for nicotine addiction treatment?The Neurons Behind Nicotine Addiction

Scientists hope that focusing on these specific neurons could help reduce the high nicotine creates and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. And since the researchers have theorized that these neurons are also active when people use other addictive substances, further study could also shed light on how to treat other addictions. This could include the development of drugs or even genetic therapies to treat addiction.

Nicotine addiction and your workplace

While you might think that nicotine addiction is the least harmful type of drug addiction your employees could have, keep in mind that smoking causes a loss in productivity (including frequent smoke breaks and sick days — in fact, smokers miss 60% more days of work than non-smokers!) and can contribute to high health insurance costs, building maintenance and cleaning fees, and even worksite fires and other safety concerns. When you help your workforce curb nicotine addiction with a drug-free policy — including cigarettes — you help mitigate these costs and risks.

Help with employee nicotine addiction

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can provide drug and alcohol testing and help you create a drug-free workplace policy that adheres to state laws and industry regulations. As part of our biometric screenings, we can also provide nicotine testing.

To learn more about our services, call ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551!


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