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Why Some Massachusetts Parents Want Their Children Using Marijuana From an Early Age

For most parents, having children who don’t use marijuana is a good thing. For some parents, however, they can’t wait until their children are able to use marijuana regularly, and they are fine with their children using it from an early age.

Medical Marijuana Without the High?

As surprising as this may sound, the fact is that there is much more to marijuana than most people usually realize. In addition to helping Massachusetts residents get high and forget their problems, medical marijuana can also help others with a number of serious medical conditions as well. This is what Massachusetts’ Jill Osborn hopes the drug will do for her daughter, Haley, who suffers from up to 15 to 20 seizures a day.Massachusetts scientists are hoping the same thing. Currently, several scientists in Massachusetts are working to create a drug that mimics medical marijuana and provides the benefits without all the drawbacks and the stigma. The drug will not actually contain marijuana, but will simply mimic the drug’s helpful effects.Why Some Massachusetts Parents Want Their Children Using Marijuana From an Early Age

If such a drug could be created, it would be excellent news for Massachusetts residents and people all across the nation. While medical marijuana is currently legal in Massachusetts, dispensaries aren’t yet open, leaving families like the Osborns in limbo. Many are unable to actually purchase the medical marijuana to help improve their loved ones’ health conditions.The legalization of medical marijuana is certainly a controversial subject. Advocates are quick to bring up its health benefits and their rights as individuals, while objectors worry about the effect that the legalization of medical marijuana could have on their workplaces. If Massachusetts’ scientists could invent a drug that provides the benefits of medical marijuana without the high, however, that would certainly be great news for all.

Workplace Marijuana Testing in Worcester

Remember that even with medical marijuana legalized in our state, you have the right to enforce a drug-free workplace policy as an employer. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can work with you to create a drug testing policy that includes marijuana so that you don’t have to worry about the safety risks involved.

To get started, call (774) 314-9551 today!

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