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Drug Dealers May Now Be Legally Responsible for Overdose Deaths

With drug fatalities climbing, Worcester officials are seeking ways to address the city’s problem.

One proposal by the city council: law enforcement and prosecutors should look into pressing charges against drug dealers linked to overdose deaths.

Learn more about the petition and its potential application below.

Should Drug Dealers be Charged in Overdose Deaths?

What the Petition Asks

Brought forth by William Breault, chairman of Worcester’s Main South Alliance for Public Safety, the petition asks for police officers and prosecutors to be more “aggressive” in their approach when dealing with drug dealers connected to drug overdoses.

According to Breault, some states treat the sale of dangerous drugs like heroin as felony murder when a drug overdose death occurs.

Targeting Drug Dealers, Not Drug UsersWorcester Targeting Drug Dealers Involved in Drug Overdose Deaths

Some council members applaud the idea of pursuing prosecution for drug dealers rather than drug users. Sarai Rivera of District 4 notes that the prison system is overburdened by substance abusers who need better addiction treatment rather than jail time.

Councilor George Russell of District 3 also supports the petition, noting that when drug dealers are apprehended, the city should do more to publicize their arrests so that other dealers know they are unwelcome and will face serious consequences.


Other Solutions for Worcester Drug Problem

Worcester’s council is also concerned about prescription drug abuse and the troubling fact that doctors are the main supplier for prescription drug abusers. In addition to enforcing stricter penalties on drug dealers and addressing the supply of drugs, the also need to address the demand for drugs.

District 5’s Gary Rosen feels that addiction treatment and preventative education programs should also be emphasized, as these can be very effective in the fight against substance abuse.

Drug Testing in Worcester, MA

It remains to be seen whether law enforcement will get tougher on drug dealers. There are ways for regular Worcester citizens to help with the drug epidemic, though.

Business owners can turn to workplace drug testing to keep employees safe and healthy. Parents can use drug testing to monitor their teens for substance abuse and continue to teach the dangers of drug use.

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551 for help with helping our community kick drug use!

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