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Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Your Child’s Teen Drug Use?

You had the drug talk with your kids, but did you have the right one? If you only spoke to your children about the more common illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, your talk may not have been enough.

In addition to the drugs listed above, there is another type of drug use that is becoming quite popular with teens: prescription drug abuse. Just like traditional teen drug use, prescription drug abuse involves teens using prescription drugs they find around their own houses and the houses of their friends in order to get high.
ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing what you need to know about teens and prescription drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Abuse & Your Teen

While prescription drug abuse involves drugs that are legal, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. These drugs produce similar effects as the more “hard-core” drugs, and they are often much easier to access — a recipe for teen drug use that is hard to stop.

Parents Enabling Drug Abuse?Worcester | Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens

What’s worse is the fact that many parents actually contribute to their teenager’s teen drug use without realizing it. They will give their teens their leftover pills without thinking about it and without realizing the harmful effect it can have. No parent wants their child to be caught up in teen drug use, and yet, when parents don’t take steps to prevent and stop their teen’s prescription drug abuse, they end up contributing unknowingly.

Put a Stop to Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

How can parents prevent and stop teen drug use? The answer is surprisingly easy. Parents need to include information about the dangers of prescription drug abuse in their drug talks, they need to keep prescription drugs out of their teen’s hands, and they need to set a better example themselves. After all, when parents pop pills for every minor ache and pain, it comes as no surprise when their children get caught up in prescription drug abuse by doing the same.

Fight Prescription Drug Abuse With ARCpoint Labs of Worcester

Yes, teenagers should know better than to mess around with teen drug use, but the fact is that many don’t realize what the big deal is until it is too late. That is why parents need to take steps to prevent and stop teen drug use today.

Partner with ARCpoint Labs of Worcester for drug testing and ensure that your teen isn’t dabbling in prescription drug abuse or other substances. To learn more, call (774) 314-9551 today!

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