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Does your School Need a Drug Awareness Team?

Think your teens don’t have easy access to drugs and alcohol? Think again. Drug use isn’t just for homeless junkies anymore. Even bright, young teens from nice neighborhoods and loving families are jumping on the bandwagon. They are buying it from their friends or from social media, and they aren’t undergoing drug testing. Today’s teens find it easier to get drugs and alcohol these days than parents realize, but since teens don’t often receive drug testing, their drug use can easily stay under the radar.

Many school administrators and city officials across the country are growing increasingly concerned with the widespread availability of drugs and alcohol, and not just because teens are abusing these substances — sometimes, teacher drug use is an issue, too. These administrators aren’t just worrying about it, though. They are doing something about it.

Stop Teen Drug Use at Your School

What’s a Drug Use Awareness Team?

Many schools are working together with the local community to form drug use awareness teams. These drug use awareness teams are designed to investigate the drug use in local schools, to find out how students are getting access to illegal drugs and alcohol, and to help put an end to the drug use as much as possible. They help inform their communities about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, and they do drug testing as needed.

Do You Need a Drug Use Awareness Team?

Does your school need a drug testing or a drug awareness team? Even if your school has yet to suffer a drug-related tragedy, that doesn’t mean that one isn’t in the works. By forming a drug awareness team now, you can better determine the current drug and alcohol use among the students in your area and figure out the best way to solve the problem or prevent it before it starts.

Drug use awareness teams aren’t perfect. Some drug and alcohol use will always escape drug testing. With drug testing and education, however, drug awareness teams can make a significant positive impact on the lives of the students in their community.

Establish a Plan to Combat Student Drug Use Today!

Whether you choose to address student drug use with a drug awareness team or not, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can provide academic or athletic drug testing to help you fight drug use in your school.

To get started, call (774) 314-9551 today!

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