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Why Drug Testing is Now More Important Than Ever

If you’re an HR manager, CEO, or small business owner, listen up: you can’t keep putting off your workplace drug testing program.

Whether you’ve been avoiding employment drug testing as a cost cutting measure or you simply don’t find it necessary to drug test your workforce, it’s time to reconsider your position. New research shows that positive drug tests are on the rise.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing the results of the report — and what it means for your workplace.

Positive Drug Test Results are Up for First Time in a Decade

Information about the increase in drug testing positives comes from a study that analyzed 8.5 million drug tests conducted in 2013. The research included urine, hair, and oral fluid drug test results, with samplings from the general US workforce (private companies), companies who undergo federally-mandated drug testing, and a combination of the two (the combined workforce).

Here are the highlights of the report:

  • Urine drug tests from the combined workforce had a 3.7% positivity rate. This marked the first increase since 2003.
  • Positive marijuana tests were up by 6.2% in the combined workforce, 5.6% in federally-mandated testing, and 5% among private companies.

Why Are Positive Drug Test Rates Going Up?

Smoking Marijuana From A PipeOverall, it appears drug positives are going up because usage of marijuana and amphetamines is on the rise. With Washington and Colorado recently legalizing marijuana, these two states are especially seeing a rise in positive pot tests — rates are up23% and 20% respectively.

In particular, positivity rates for oral fluid marijuana have risen to 5.1%. This increase might be due to the fact that oral fluid tests are difficult to cheat.

Amphetamine positivity rates are at a record high for all collection methods — increased by 27% for urine, 50% for oral fluid, and 55% for hair.

What These Results Mean for Your Drug-Free Workplace

So what can you learn from this study?

You can’t afford to keep putting off a drug testing program — or if you have one, it’s time to update it to reflect current trends in drug use. Using pre-employment screenings in conjunction with random drug tests will help you identify the drug users in your workforce. Also make sure that your drug testing program includes tests for marijuana and amphetamines. Oral fluid testing is a surefire collections method that’s difficult to cheat.

If you’re looking for a Worcester area expert who can help with your drug testing program, contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551!

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