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Current Opiate Crisis Affecting Worcester Children

When you think of heroin use, you probably think of adults. Yet, while more adults are more prone to heroin use than children are, adults are far from the only ones who are being affected by Worcester’s current opiate crisis. Children, from babies to teenagers, are being greatly affected by this opiate crisis as well.

How are Children Affected by Heroin Use?

Pregnancy & Heroin Use

The problem begins when women use heroin during their pregnancies. Their babies become addicted in the womb, and they are born still addicted. Of course, babies cannot get access to heroin, so they have horrible withdrawal symptoms from their very first few hours here on Earth. Hospital nurses do their best to help babies cope with their withdrawal symptoms, but it is a heartbreaking situation to watch.

Early Exposure to Heroin UseARCpoint Labs of Worcester | Opiate Crisis & Heroin Use

Mothers aren’t the only ones taking part in this opiate crisis either. More and more children are trying heroin at younger and younger ages. Many children and teens do not know or understand the dangers of the current opiate crisis, and they don’t really understand how heroin use can affect or even destroy their lives.

Children of Heroin Addicts

Even children who escape using heroin themselves are not immune to the opiate crisis, however. When parents choose and become slaves of heroin use, it affects the whole family. Parents cannot adequately care for their children, and the children often have to be removed from their homes and placed in alternate care. While the courts do try their best to help the parents seek treatment, overcome their addictions and get their children back, the current opiate crisis has left the system oversaturated and overwhelmed, and many people simply are not able to get the treatment and resources that they need.

The current opiate crisis is a sad and unfortunate trend that public health officials are doing their best to remedy, but so far progress has been slow. There are just too many people choosing heroin use and not enough resources to help them all. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer from the affects of heroin use the most.

Drug Testing in Worcester, MA

If you are concerned about a loved one or employee’s heroin use — particularly if they have children — it might be time to pursue drug testing. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester provides confidential drug testing for businesses and individuals. We can test for heroin use; we also provide passive exposure testing to reveal if a child has been in contact with drugs in their home environment.

Help stop the opiate crisis — contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester for drug testing today. Call (774) 314-9551.


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