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Worcester Sees Rise in Drug Fatalities: How Can We Address Our Community’s Drug Problem?

Worcester saw a rise in drug overdose fatalities last month, with 10 deaths reported in just six days and 9 of them due to heroin overdose. As we’ve shared in the past, Massachusetts has seen a 47% increase in overdose deaths since 1999, with opiates like heroin and prescription drugs at the heart of the epidemic.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is sharing how lawmakers are attempting to address our community’s drug problem, and what can you do to help.

Drug Deaths Increasing in Worcester

A State of Emergency

Worcester public officials have officially declared a public health emergency due to the rise in heroin-related deaths. As part of the declaration, they announced that tainted heroin is the suspected cause of the increased deaths, plus encouraged people to call 911 if they witness a drug overdose. Hopefully, the public health statement will help alert citizens to the very real drug problem in our community.

Educating the PublicHeroin Crisis in Worcester, MA

According to City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr., Worcester officials hope to fight the drug problem with public health initiatives, education, and the police force. This includes talking to known drug users about the dangers of the contaminated heroin, distributing educational fliers, and working with community partners to conduct outreach programs.


Worcester police will also be outfitted with Narcan, a drug that helps reverse overdoses. Community partners such as AIDS Project Worcester are also helping distribute Narcan and train opiod users and their families on its use. Since the Narcan program began a few years ago, AIDS Project Worcester has seen 100+ overdose reversals. Law enforcement is hopeful that Narcan will play a large role in addressing Worcester’s drug problem.

Seeking the Source

Our police force is also attempting to identify the source of the contaminated heroin. Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. hopes police can gather enough evidence to prosecute those responsible for circulating the drugs.

Drug Testing

As a Worcester citizen, you should do your part to help address our community’s drug problem. If you’re a business owner, you can help identify drug users in the workplace with drug testing and educate your workforce with wellness programming. As a parent, you can also ensure your kids are clean with drug testing, plus talk to your children about the dangers of drug use.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can help by providing accurate, confidential drug testing for many substances, including heroin and other opiates. To learn more about our services, call (774) 314-9551 today.

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