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What Qualifies as Reasonable Suspicion in Drug Testing?

There are countless laws regulating how your business can conduct drug testing, and if you fail to comply with regulations, you could end up in big trouble.

For example, in some states, laws only allow employers to conduct drug testing when there is reasonable suspicion, yet many companies may not be fully aware of what constitutes reasonable suspicion.

We’re sharing what situations justify a reasonable suspicion drug test so that your business can be on the lookout.

What Counts as Reasonable Suspicion?

Worksite Accidents

If an accident occurs on the clock, you have reasonable suspicion to believe that drugs or alcohol may have been consumed. A mobile drug test can help uncover if any substance use contributed to the incident.

Drop in Productivity What Qualifies as Reasonable Suspicion in Drug Testing?

If a usually impressive employee begins to have a noticeable drop in productivity, substance abuse could be at the root of the issue. After meeting with the employee to discuss their workload and perhaps even setting project goals that they fail to meet, you would have reasonable suspicion for drug testing.

Missing Work

When an employee starts missing work without explanation or frequently comes in late, reasonable suspicion exists and you are able to move forward with drug testing.

Improper Behavior

Is an employee behaving inappropriately at work? Are coworkers or clients complaining about what the employee is saying or doing? If so, you have grounds for reasonable suspicion drug testing.

Key Observations

If more than one person makes any number of key observations about an employee, reasonable suspicion can be established. These observations include slurred speech, a short attention span on the job, disoriented behavior, lack of balance, staggering, and sleeping on the job. The smell of drugs and alcohol can also be cited in reasonable suspicion.

Partner With ARCpoint Labs of Worcester for Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can serve as your resource for reasonable suspicion drug testing. Not only do we offer reasonable suspicion training for managers, but we also provide mobile reasonable suspicion drug testing for any Worcester business!

For more information on reasonable suspicion or our services, call ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551.

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