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Why Confidentiality is Key When it Comes to Your Employee’s Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality is an important part of of the recovery process. That’s because addiction experts have shown that access to confidential treatment services gets the most effective recovery results.

Today, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester will take a look at the interaction between confidential treatment options and addiction recovery.

How Confidentiality Enhances Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality and Addiction Recovery

Confidentiality Increases the Likelihood of Seeking Treatment

A major barrier that stops many addicts from seeking treatment is the stigma associated with doing so. Many employees are afraid of losing face when they ask for help for their addiction. Admitting to an addiction withing the workplace makes many employees fear for their jobs, especially in the current economic climate. In fact, one study showed that 12.3 % of employees did not seek addiction treatment because of fear of how it would affect their jobs. An employee may even worry that if his drug addiction becomes public, it will shine a negative light on the company he works for. But if employers assure their staff that addiction treatment services will be confidential, it is more likely that they will be to stop worrying about what others will think and whether they will have a job when they return and instead focus on fighting drug and alcohol addiction.

Confidentiality Helps Build Trust

Trust is an essential part of the recovery process. The employee with drug addiction must trust the professionals who are assisting with his recovery. Because the recovery process involves divulging sensitive information about past and present drug use, the employee may fear legal repercussions if treatment is not confidential. When an employer is able to assure workers of the fact that the drug and alcohol treatment services available are private and will not divulge personal information, the employees are more likely to fully participate in their treatment and to get better results.

Confidentiality Policies Preserve Dignity

Confidentiality in all aspects of drug testing and treatment increases the chance of success because it works to preserve the employee’s dignity. Addiction is a disease. An employee suffering from an addiction should not be treated with less respect than any other person. In fact, because of the massive toll that addiction takes on a user’s self esteem, being treated with dignity and respect for confidentiality sets the stage for better recovery efforts. Helping to mend self esteem is an important part of the recovery process. Further, treating an employee who seeks treatment as a responsible adult is likely to make the employee respond like a responsible adult.

Get Help

Confidentiality is always assured with any type of testing that takes place at ARCpoint Labs of Worcester. Whether you need drug testing for yourself, a loved one, or your employees, we have the experience and professionalism to conduct every interaction with an eye towards privacy and client dignity.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is ready to provide drug testing services to monitor your employees for drug addiction. Our drug testing services, in conjunction with the help of health care professionals, can help you protect your employees and business from the dangers of drug addiction.

To learn more about our drug testing services or get started today, call (774) 314-9551.



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