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What Should Be Included In My Drug Testing Policy?

An employee is a major investment for any employer. Some studies show that an employer pays half or more of the what they pay for the employee’s salary in taxes, training, and benefits. And the fate of a business is directly in the hands of your employees; if they succeed, so does your business. If they fail, so do you.

Because of the value of employees, many employers choose to protect them and their business with Drug Free Workplace Programs. Join ARCpoint Labs of Worcester in taking a look at the elements that comprise a successful workplace drug testing program.

What Makes an Effective Drug Testing Policy?

Drug Free Workplace Policies

Be Clear About Expectations

It is important to make sure employees have access to written drug testing policies and procedures. This way, there can be no confusion about what is and what is not acceptable behavior. Along with this, company leadership needs to stand together in firm support of the drug policy, making it clear that there can be no exceptions and that there will be no wavering from the written policies.

Provide Education and Assistance

To make an Drug Free Workplace policy work, employers should provide training and education about the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. When employees have a clear understanding of the fact that the drug testing policy is in place to protect both them and the company that signs their paychecks, they tend to feel less resentment toward the policy. Employers should also provide paths for employees who come forward voluntarily about their drug or alcohol use to receive treatment. Providing access to substance abuse treatment programs is an essential part of maintaining an honest and drug free work force.

Follow Through

Employers need to follow through on the disciplinary measures outlined in the written drug policies. While the goal of drug testing employees is to help them to get treatment for their substance abuse issues so they can return to the workforce as a safe and healthy worker, employers must apply discipline as defined in the policy without discrimination.

Help Your Business Stand Against Drug Use

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can help test employees for a wide variety of substances. When you partner with us, we can help you maintain a drug-free workplace with effective, legal drug testing policies.

If your ready to talk about ways to combat the risk of drug or alcohol abuse your Worcester, MA workplace, call ARCpoint Labs today at (774) 314-9551!

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