Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered by Insurance?

Proponents of medical marijuana are pushing for it to be covered by insurance. They argue that if it has acknowledged medical benefits, then Obamacare and other insurance plans should cover it. But there are many barriers preventing insurance providers from adding medical marijuana to their plans.

Find out the details of the clash between pro-medical marijuana proponents and those who say that it should not be covered by healthcare plans.

Should Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

medical marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Coverage

Those who argue that insurance should cover medical marijuana point to the cost of the treatment, which can be upwards of $1000 per month, as a reason that health care coverage is needed. For some who can’ t afford that price tag, the lack of health care coverage could mean that they do not receive the treatment.

Additionally, if medical marijuana treatment was included in healthcare plans, it is more likely that doctors would prescribe it. They say that this would mean more treatment options for people with illnesses like cancer and also more options for doctors to get their patients the best care.

Obstacles to Medical Marijuana Coverage

One of the things keeping marijuana from being covered by insurance is its classification as a schedule I drug, which indicates that it has high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical value. Marijuana is also still illegal on a federal level, which would complicate insurance coverage. Medical marijuana is not approved by the FDA, which means that most insurers are not able to cover it.

Medical Marijuana Coverage Unlikely Any Time Soon

Because of the controversial nature of medical marijuana, it is unlikely that we’ll see any significant policy changes very soon. Medical marijuana is a hot button topic that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate as societal perceptions change. If you have issues with medical marijuana in the workplace, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can help. We can help you achieve your goal of creating a drug-free workplace and drug testing policy to create a safe and productive workplace.

If your ready to talk to the experienced staff at our Worcester, MA , laboratory, call ARCpoint Labs today at (774) 314-9551!


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