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DEA Launches Nationwide Synthetic Drug Raids

Last month, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration proved its commitment to cracking down on synthetic drugs.

As we’ve explained in the past, though some forms of synthetic drug are technically legal due to manufacturers finding loopholes in current drug laws, synthetic drugs are very harmful substances that can even prove fatal. K2, spice, and bath salts are just a few of the names these drugs go by — and you can find them in regular retail stores.

Here’s more on the DEA’s recent crackdown and its impact on the synthetic drug industry.

Synthetic Drug Raids Sweep the Nation

Success of May 2014 Synthetic Drug RaidsWorcester | DEA Launches Nationwide Synthetic Drug Raids

Last month’s synthetic drug raids focused on 29 states, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Wholesalers, retailers, and synthetic drug manufacturers were the main target of the raids, with warrants served at private residences, warehouses, smoke shops, and other retail locations.

Here are the details about the latest synthetic drug raids:

  • Over 200 warrants were served
  • 150 arrests were made
  • Hundreds of thousands of individual packets of synthetic drugs were seized
  • Hundreds of kilograms of synthetic products used to make the drugs were seized
  • $20 million in cash and assets were seized

Past Attempts to Control Synthetic Drug Distribution

This isn’t the first time that the DEA has tried to stem the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs. In 2010, 5 main chemicals used in synthetic drug production were officially banned, forcing producers of synthetics to change their formulas. Of course, each time a new component is banned, synthetic drug manufacturers search for a loophole that allows the continued production of the drug.

Synthetic Drug Testing in Massachusetts

Even with recent successes in the war against synthetic drugs, manufacturers will probably continue to work around laws. As a parent or business owner, you should be concerned with synthetic drug use in the home or workplace.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester offers accurate, confidential synthetic drug testing – so you can rest easy knowing that your teen or employee isn’t using these dangerous substances!

To learn more about our drug testing services, contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551.


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