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Massachusetts Teens Sneaking Drugs Into Schools – How Are They Doing It, & What Can Parents Do?

Teenagers have been sneaking banned substances into school functions for years. But recently in Massachusetts and across the nation, the smuggled goods have shifted from the more innocent — a little liqueur to spike the punch at prom, for example — to more dangerous.

Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy are being smuggled into schools more and more.

We’re sharing how students are sneaking drugs onto school property, and how parents and school administrators can address the issue.

Sneaking Drugs in School: How to Stop Teen Troublemakers

Smuggling Into School

Worcester | Massachusetts Teens Sneaking Drugs Into SchoolsAdministrators say that teens have gotten creative with how they bring drugs onto school property. Many will stash drugs in their cars, backpacks, or purses. Some sneak drugs into their cigarettes, while others have gone a more unconventional route by placing drugs in pens or highlighters. Students have also been caught sneaking drugs into school in pill bottles or even in candy.

What Should Schools Do?

As teenagers find more unconventional ways for sneaking drugs into school, administrators are adjusting their strategies for locating the substances before teens can use or distribute them. A few options for schools looking to curb the incidence of drug use on school property include:

  • More supervision at school events.
  • Drug testing.
  • Random locker checks.
  • Use of drug-sniffing dogs.
  • Training teachers on spotting signs of drug use or smuggling.

What Can Parents Do?

Parents also have a role in preventing their teens from sneaking drugs into school. Here are our tips:

  • Be aware of the signs of drug use, including signs of a current high. If your teen is high right after they get home from school, they’re likely sneaking drugs during the day, or at least getting their supply while at school.
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