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Massachusetts Bill Aims to Make Drug Treatment More Accessible

Boston lawmakers are working on a new bill that seeks to improve the drug treatment availability for addicts.

Currently, many drug users are being denied the addiction treatment that they want and need to resume a normal, functional lifestyle. They tell the hospital which insurance company they have, and they are denied addiction treatment on the spot as the hospital knows that their insurance company will not cover the drug treatment. This bill is designed to change that.

Improving Drug Treatment in Massachusetts

What Does the Drug Treatment Bill Propose?

Worcester | Massachusetts Drug Treatment BillIf this new legislation is passed, insurance companies will be required to pay for an addict’s drug treatment, and hospitals would be required to provide drug treatment without prior approval from the insurer. Lawmakers hope that this measure would grant more addicts a safe spot in addiction treatment centers, where they could receive the help that they desperately need.

Additionally, the bill also includes measures that would encourage pharmacies to provide abuse-deterrent drugs by default, unless the patient has a doctor’s note that says that regular medications are okay. This measure is designed to help prevent people from abusing medicines they may be prescribed as part of their addiction treatment programs.

How Will the Bill Affect Insurance Premiums?

One of the biggest concerns that people have about this bill is how it will affect everyone’s insurance premiums. After all, someone has to pay for the extra drug treatment, and it will likely come right out of the pockets of other insured individuals.

While Massachusetts lawmakers are uncertain how much an addiction treatment bill like this would raise premiums, advocates for this law point out that the increased cost would be well worth the expense. Massachusetts tax payers already pay taxes that fund jails, prisons and courts. If more money was available for preventative addiction treatment, not only could several addicts find the help that they need, but taxes could go down as well.

Drug Testing in Massachusetts

If you suspect that someone you know is struggling with drug abuse, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can provide reliable, confidential drug testing for a wide array of drugs, including prescription medication and synthetic drugs.

Call (774) 314-9551 or contact our walk-in facility today to learn more about drug testing in Worcester.

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