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Signs Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy Isn’t Working

Most business owners are familiar with the benefits of establishing an effective drug-free workplace policy, from monetary incentives to improvements in employee health and productivity. What you might not be aware of is how to gauge whether your drug-free workplace program is working once it’s implemented.

When creating your drug-free workplace or drug testing policy, it’s key to take your time and consider the general best practices for these programs. Then once the program is in place, you should complete a policy review to keep things up-to-date.

Here are some signs to watch for that will help you see whether your drug-free workplace policy is effective or if it needs retooling.

How To Know If Your Drug-Free Workplace Program Needs Revision

1. Your Employees Don’t Understand the Rules

If your employees express confusion over your drug-free policy or your drug testing program, it’s a good sign that you need to revamp your policy or at the very least revisit how you’re informing your employees about your drug-related programs. Any good drug-free workplace program involves clearly stated guidelines for employees to follow. You can’t expect your employees to follow a policy if they aren’t really aware of the rules.

2. Your Employees Don’t Get Why the Program is in PlaceSigns Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy Isn't Working

Likewise, if your employees don’t understand the why behind your drug-free workplace program, they’ll be less likely to follow the rules. Providing concrete information to your employees — such as how many workplace injuries involve drugs or alcohol, how well other drug-free workplace programs have done in terms of safety and financial savings, or how much drug and alcohol addiction costs in terms of employee health care and lost productivity. Providing a clear justification for your program will make everyone more apt to respect your drug-free stance.

3. Your Workplace Injuries or Sick Days Are Increasing

An increase in workplace injuries or employee sick days might also indicate that your drug-free workplace and testing policies need adjusting. After all, employees struggling with substance abuse take three times as many sick days as their counterparts, and 65% of all workplace injuries are related in some capacity to drug and alcohol use. If you’re noticing an increase or no decrease in your sick days or workplace injuries since implementing your drug-free workplace program, you should consider changing it.

4. Employees are Failing Drug Tests

One clear sign that your drug-free workplace program is not functioning is if high numbers of employees are failing their drug tests. While it is normal for some of your workers to fail their tests — no program can eradicate employee drug use 100% — you should see a decrease in failure once the program rolls out. Your workers should realize that you are serious about your drug-free policy, plus understand the justifications behind the program, which will motivate them to stop casual drug use or pursue treatment for addiction. Plus, if your drug-free workplace policy includes pre-employment testing, you should be able to better screen your applicants and end up with fewer failures during random screenings.

Revisit Your Drug-Free Workplace Program With ARCpoint Labs of Worcester

When your business needs to revise its drug-free workplace program and drug testing policies, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can help. We can partner with you to complete a company evaluation and needs assessment to improve your drug-free workplace program or create a whole new policy. Call (774) 314-9551 today to learn more about our services!

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