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Massachusetts Facing a Heroin Epidemic? Heroin Use on the Rise

Take a cursory glance at any newspaper or the nightly news in Massachusetts, and you’ll see a trend emerging: more and more, heroin use appears to be on the rise in our state. Heroin-related overdoses, drug busts, and arrests have seemingly increased over the past year, and even in the past few months.

The problem isn’t unique to the Bay State — nationwide, heroin use is increasing — but public officials and law enforcement in Massachusetts are growing concerned about the drug and prescription opiates in our state specifically.

Just how prevalent is heroin use in Massachusetts, and why should we be worried? Here are the details.

Heroin Use Increasing Across Massachusetts

More Overdoses Due to Heroin UseWorcester, MA | Heroin Use Increasing Across Massachusetts

Law enforcement in Attleboro, MA have reported a big increase in heroin-related overdoses. Whereas they once received 1 – 2 overdose calls a month, now they get at least 1 – 2 per day. Taunton, MA has experienced the same rise in heroin use and overdoses, jumping from 2 – 5 nonfatal heroin overdoses per week to 33 in the month of January, with 3 overdoses proving fatal.

Overall, the rate of opioid-related fatalities, including heroin and prescription drug overdoses, doubled from 2000 to 2011.

Why Are Heroin Overdoses Rising in Massachusetts?

There are many theories as to why heroin use is resulting in more overdoses throughout the state, and state police are currently investigating the root of the problem. These factors could be contributing to the increase of heroin overdose:

  • A powerful strain of heroin has been introduced in Massachusetts, so first-time users and even those familiar with heroin use are unable to cope with the strain
  • Drug dealers are cutting heroin with agents like Fentanyl, a toxic synthetic narcotic
  • Heroin use is being combined with other illegal drug use
  • As prescription drugs are becoming increasingly harder to find and more expensive to buy, addicts are turning to cheaper options, including heroin use

Hopefully, further analysis of seized drugs can help identify what’s causing increased heroin use and overdoses that have been impacting communities across Massachusetts.

Fight Heroin Use in Your Worcester, MA Business

As a Worcester, MA business owner, it’s key that you’re aware of the heroin use sweeping our state so that you can monitor your employees and maintain the safety of your workplace.

ARCpoint Labs of Worcester, MA  can help you handle employee drug use, including heroin use. Our reliable workplace drug testing includes pre-employment screening, random testing, post-accident testing, and reasonable suspicion drug testing. And if you want help articulating your stance on drug, alcohol, or heroin use in the workplace, we also specialize in developing and implementing workplace drug testing policies.

For help with combating heroin use in your Worcester, MA company, call ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today at (774) 314-9551.


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