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Best Practices for a Drug-Free Organization

Drug-Free OrganizationAdministering a drug-free policy within your business or organization is the first step to conducting a safe workplace. Drug testing has become a very important safety issue on the job. Not only is it important that drug testing is done for applicants, but also that policies are managed consistently. Our recommendations of best practices for a drug-free program are as follows.

 Best Practices for a Drug-Free Organization

  • Establish a policy– Authorize a policy that is consistent throughout the entire company, from clerks to executives. As an employer, it is your right to establish a drug-free organization. Employees that use drugs can cost the company large sums of money each year when you consider accidents, lost time, health care and worker’s compensation costs.

  • Authorize a 48 hour rule– For those being authorized to submit a urine test, create a policy that this must be done within 48 hours. If this is not possible, consider a hair follicle test instead.

  • Utilize a Medical Review Officer (MRO)– For best practice, use an MRO to advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. It’s best to have all non-negative results reviewed by an MRO.

  • Implement random drug testing– It’s best practice to implement random drug testing as well as pre employment drug testing to successfully detect any intake of drugs. For random drug testing, urine testing is recommended.

  • Employee rights– With your drug free policy, employee rights should be considered. These include employee privacy rights and an Employee Assistance Program. A drug-free workplace program can benefit both employers and employees when managed correctly.


For more information on drug free policy creation services, contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester today. A drug free policy created by our experienced Worcester location is the first step in creating a safe and productive work environment for your business and employees!


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