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Easy, Low-Cost Ideas for Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are growing in popularity, and rightly so: a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion revealed that employees who are highly engaged in wellness programs have fewer hospital admissions, shorter stays, and lower costs overall. In August 2013, 61% of firms surveyed by the National Business Group reported that wellness programs were among their top three most effective ways to decrease the cost of health care.

As an HR manager or CEO, you might be wondering if workplace wellness programs are worth the investment. In 2010, Harvard published a study which found that with each dollar spent on wellness programs, medical costs decreased by $3.27 and costs caused by employee absences fell by $2.73, making your ROI on wellness programs around 3:1. Still, you may not have enough in your budget to host an employee health fair, pay for employee fitness club memberships, or roll out other large scale workplace wellness programs. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of easy, low-cost ideas for wellness programs that you can implement in your office today!

Easy, Low-Cost Ideas for Wellness Programs

Create a Wellness Bulletin

Chances are you already send out a weekly or bi-monthly employee bulletin — add it to your wellness programs by including a section on employee wellness. You can share relevant health news, add information about a provider or service available in your employee health network, or share a healthy recipe or 15-minute workout. Employee education is a vital part of all workplace wellness programs.

Fix the Vending MachinesWorcester | Easy Ideas for Workplace Wellness Programs

Encouraging a healthy diet is a key part of workplace wellness programs. You can’t control what your employees eat, but you can control what quick, easy options they have in the workplace by upgrading your vending machines to include healthier snacks and drinks. Add some unsalted nuts, raisins, granola bars, and dried fruit to the standard salty and sweet treats offered up, plus water and unsweetened iced tea to drink machines.

Deck Out Your Break Room

Wellness programs are all about educating your employees about the healthcare options available in their network, encouraging a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise, and pushing employees to get screened or seek medical attention when they’re sick or at risk. An easy way to get this information out to your employees without hosting costly and time-consuming workplace wellness fairs? Find posters and print-outs for your break room! Include information on your health plans, healthy meals, weight and BMI, safe weight loss tactics, particular conditions their vocation might make employees at-risk for, and more. Workplace wellness programs don’t have to take time out of your employees’ days — they can be educated on their lunch breaks or as they get morning coffee!

Host a Field Day

Encourage a little friendly competition while promoting fitness by hosting a field day — it’s one of the most fun workplace wellness programs! Take a fall or spring afternoon off and head to a local park for some kickball, softball, volleyball, potato sack races, and more. Help your employees get active while completing team-building exercises. You can even look into joining an intramural sports league as off-the-clock wellness programs.

Create a Wellness Library

Adding a wellness library to your workplace wellness programs will further educate your workers and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. If you have old workout DVDs collecting dust on your shelves at home, bring them in to work and create a wellness library. You can also ask employees to do the same or check out thrift stores for inexpensive workout DVDs or health books. Encourage your employees to check out the materials like they would at a library.

Need Help With Wellness Programs?

If you’d like more information on implementing low-cost wellness programs in your workplace, ARCpoint Labs of Worcester can help. We are workplace wellness experts who can supply information as well as health screenings to your employees. For more information, call us today at (774) 314-9551.

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