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Drug Testing in the Workplace

Last week we talked about reviewing your workplace drug testing policy. Now, we want to focus a bit more on drug testing in the workplace. For those of you who don’t currently have drug testing in your workplace, you may like to learn a bit more before you dive in headfirst.

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Companies and organizations of all sizes use drug testing services. Some businesses rely heavily on pre-employment drug testing in combination with background checks. Organizations in the transportation and government industries must implement drug and alcohol screening according to federal policies.

drug testing in the workplace business people

This is just a start — there are many more drug testing options for the workplace.

Your legal counsel can help you consider your industry and employees to decide how to implement drug testing in the workplace.

Drug Testing Policy Creation

Starting is often the most intimidating part. When you’re creating a drug testing policy, you shouldn’t stress.

Ask for help. Communicate with your legal counsel and lab to make sure the details are in place. We have helped many local businesses design drug testing policies customized for their industry. We’d love to help you implement drug testing in the workplace.

Types of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Random Name Generation

When you’re dealing with an issue as sensitive as drug testing and employment, you have to have confidence in your testing procedures. Following the random name generation policy improves the quality and validity of your drug testing program.

Employee Monitoring

Trusting a lab to carry out your employee monitoring program is smart — you can depend on the professionals to be responsible for alcohol and drug testing in the workplace.

On-Site Testing

Testing isn’t a pain. You can have drug and alcohol testing at your location, so there is no excuse for employees to miss a testing collection.

Have Questions?

If you’re interested in learning more about how drug testing in the workplace works, contact ARCpoint Labs of Worcester — we’re happy to help!

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