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Benefits of the Flu Shot and When to Do it

benefits-of-flu-shotAlso referred to as Influenza, the flu is a highly infectious disease spread by a virus. Fever, cough, headaches, sore throat and aching muscles are the major symptoms. It is very important for everyone to get a flu shot for the preventing infection. An influenza experience is never pleasant at all and a simple shot can prevent you from going through the agony. Outlined below are reasons why you should get vaccinated against the flu.

Benefits of the Flu Shot

Prevents Widespread Infection

Getting a shot will also prevent the flu from spreading through infected individuals. Infection can easily occur through nasal secretions and saliva droplets as a result of sneezing or coughing into the air. Any person who is not vaccinated and comes into contact with these agents through breathing or hand contact will get infected. You will also protect your loved ones and anyone close to you from getting the flu when you get vaccinated.

Strengthens The Immune System

Individuals with a weak immune system are advised to get the shot to strengthen their immune system against this virus. The flu has been known to further weaken an already weak immune system often resulting in death.

Prevents Cardiovascular Complications

Preventing the flu by getting vaccinated will also contribute to the protection of your heart. Most infections have been known to cause cardiovascular health complications and the flu is no exception. The virus has been known cause difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, increased heart beat and aggravate inflammation. A healthy heart might withstand these viral onslaughts but incase your heart has been weakened, then it is likely not to.

Heart attacks have also been caused by the flu infection, a result of a cholesterol-filled plaque in the coronary artery lining which eventually breaks apart and causes a blockage. A single shot of vaccination can prevent all these cardiovascular complications.

It Is Safe

Contrary to the common belief that flu shots are unsafe, they are in fact the best preventive measure against the disease. Flu shots that cause harm only occur if the patient is undergoing another form of medication. Some forms of medication react to the vaccine.

However minor side effects such as soreness where the shot was administered have been reported. The soreness is experienced by individuals within a day or two and then it disappears.

When To Get The Flu Shot

Often times, influenza vaccines have been known to be administered to the public during the months of October and November every year. So it is important to visit your nearest health facility and get vaccinated at least once every year during the two month period. Babies should of course get vaccine as soon as possible and should be given two doses of vaccine within their first year.

Getting vaccinated for influenza is very important and will prevent you from missing out on the joys of life by staying healthy and not becoming ill. You will not need to spend more money on medical expenses treating the flu or taking crucial days off from work and risking your job or business. A single shot of the flu vaccine could make all the difference.

Come into your local ARCpoint Lab today to get your flu shot, or call ARCpoint Labs of Worcester for more information or to schedule an appointment.

  1. September 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    There are so many benefits I was unaware of.

  2. September 16, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Each year that I get a flu shot I don’t get sick, that alone is worth the money in my mind!

  3. September 16, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    So often I will get the flu shot but still end up with the flu. What am I doing wrong?

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