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Help Your Employees Avoid the Summer Cold

summer-cold-keeping-employees-healthyThe “summer cold” is caused by a virus infection in the nose that can produce cold symptoms such as sneezing, soreness in the throat, a headache and/or fever. The summer cold is actually the exact the same as a cold you’d get any other time of the year, but may affect you differently because of the warmer temperatures.

The cold virus has over 100 strains so it may be difficult to avoid entirely, but there are several ways to help your employees avoid the summer cold and fight it off faster.

Your employees may be more likely and more at risk of catching a summer cold if they travel for work. Travelling via airplanes (or trains) will greatly increase the risk of contaminating people with the cold virus. People traveling to other countries or those who suffer from allergies are also more likely to get colds.

By encouraging your staff to keep good nutrition and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, this can help them fight off colds faster and keep a strong immune system.

If an employee feels a cold coming, encourage them to go home and drink fluids such as herbal teas, juices and plenty of water. Someone with a cold needs to be sure to stay hydrated but also keep their nutrition up with extra Vitamin C.

Strong immune systems can also flourish from regular exercise. However, if an employee feels a cold coming on, encourage them to rest.

In order to maintain a healthy environment and keep your employees free of colds and therefore maintaining their productivity, promote healthy habits. Try weekly potluck lunches with healthy dishes or have the office sign up for a 5k race together for charity.

The summer cold can be just as miserable as the winter cold, so take small steps as an employer to keep everyone healthy and at work.

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