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New Fetish Forming an Infection Epidemic?

eyeballA new and very unique fetish spreading across teens in Japan is leaving those who participate at a risk for blindness.

It is the licking of each other’s eyeballs. This strange and supposedly erotic activity involves couples actually putting each other’s tongues on each other’s eyeballs.

The street name for this is “worming”, or technically “oculolinctus”. Apparently, worming is similar to sucking toes and is the new making out.

Besides the fact that most people find this gross instead of a turn on, it’s also dangerous. This new fad is causing a widespread case of conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Experts are worried this habit will spread even farther causing an increase in the already high number of infections.

High chances of corneal abrasion come with “worming”, especially if the person hasn’t washed out their mouth or have recently consumed citrus products or spices that could be transferred to the eye.

An eye’s cornea is very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to be scratched or scarred. Our mouths also hold an ample amount of bacteria that aren’t meant to be spread into eyes. You are even putting yourself at risk for spreading someone’s herpes into your eyes.

For those eyeball licking lovers out there, we hope the serious health issues and risks of blindness will help put an end to this new tendency.

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