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How to Promote Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Keeping your employees healthy benefits everybody. By promoting these healthy ideas, you can decrease lost time due to illness. You can also increase productivity and happiness with healthy employees. The following are some of many ways in which you can promote wellness among your employees.


Encourage Exercise

There are several ways to encourage your employees to be active. Try implementing a walking club in the afternoon. If you don’t want to spare that much time, offer walking club for 30 minutes, 3 days/week. You could also look into nearby gyms for group discounts. Other ways to be encouraging are by providing secure bike racks or even showers and lockers.

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Hold an informal seminar or luncheon once a month or once a quarter about the importance of healthy habits. Have a nutritionist speaker or even take turns presenting your favorite healthy recipes. If you have an open space, consider ending with a yoga or aerobics class. These can be as fun as they are informative.


Provide Vaccinations

During flu season, encourage your employees to take preventative steps by offering vaccinations. The flu can take employees out of work for days and even weeks. By offering on-site flu shots, you’ll most likely see a return on investment.


Healthy Snack Options

While your employees are hard at work, they may be more tempted to grab junk food from a vending machine or choose fast food for lunch. If you offer healthy snack options, you could have an increase in performance while helping your employees meet their nutritional needs.


Be Mindful of Stress

For employers and employees alike, high and unmanaged stress can lead to more serious health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. As far as at the workplace, stress can lead to job dissatisfaction and inefficiency. Avoid this by encouraging others to take simple steps to reduce stress like short and frequent breaks throughout the day.


Offer Incentives

This can be quite the investment, but the health of your employees is worth investing in. Incentives could be contributing to health insurance for those that display healthy behavior. Terms of measurement could be blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index.

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