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9 Ways to Be Happier At Work

With any job comes a load of stress. Whether you love or don’t love your job, stresses and frustrations are going to come up along the way. Here are several ways to be happier at work, right now:

1. Choose to be happy.happy employees
Sometimes happiness is a choice. It may be difficult to put into action, but don’t dwell on things and think positively.
2. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Everyone has their own experiences and their own goals. Comparing yourself to those around you is just a waste of time.
3. Don’t over commit.
Failing to keep commitments will cause a lot of additional stress. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to say no.
4. Avoid negativity.
Stay clear of the office gossip and of unhappy people. Negativity can rub off easily, so don’t let anyone bring you down.
5. Ask for feedback.
To avoid not knowing what your boss is thinking, ask for an assessment of your work. Your boss will likely see this as you taking responsibility for your own development.
6. Get organized.
Clear your desk of things you don’t need or are taking up too much space. Make sure your work area is personal and more attractive. Our surroundings affect our mood more than we realize.
7. Be responsible for your own professional growth.
Take charge of your development and be a proactive learner. Ask mentors for help and advice, but at the end of the day you are responsible for reaching your goals.
8. Get outside.
It’s easy to get stuck in the office all day and feel cooped up, especially in the short days of winter. For the sake of your mind and your body, try to get outside at least once during the work day.
9. Eat sensibly.
Sitting behind a desk, it’s easy to slip into poor eating habits. Lack of sugar and caffeine can make us moody and heavy lunches can make us sluggish. Try to eat in regular intervals and make healthier choices so food will make you feel energized instead of lethargic.

These are small steps you can take to be happier at work. Making these habits can give you a more enjoyable work experience today.

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