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Qualities of a Good Employee

Employees: It’s no secret that today’s job market can be very tough. It’s important to establish yourself as a valuable employee and stand out from the crowd.
Employers: Hiring the wrong person can take a large toll on the success of your business.

Here are some good qualities of a valuable employee:
good employee

Self Motivated

This person is ready to go above and beyond to solve a problem or meet a goal.There’s no hesitation when there’s an opportunity to take on more responsibility. These are those that ignore a job description and do whatever it takes to get things done. Being proactive won’t be overlooked and this will lead to being dependable.


It’s important to express yourself in a clear manner. Inaccurate communication can be troublesome for the efficiency of a business. Written skills are also important, given that much of today’s professional communication is done through email. As a new employee, remember to listen 10 times more than you speak. Once you’ve gotten comfortable, you can then express ideas and opinions.

Team Player

Many work environments consist of teams. It’s necessary you’re able to play well with others. This is where being friendly and approachable are significant traits. Your work ethic and skills will be judged by your peers, so time management and a positive attitude are also important.

Ethical and Honest.

A company’s policies need to be taken seriously. A good employee is honest about their qualifications and is willing to give and receive honest feedback. Being a trustworthy employee can also set you free from being micromanaged.

Avoid Gossip.

Always publicly praise and privately complain. A sensitive subject should be discussed in private and the privacy of your co workers should be respected. An employee needs to stay focused and not get caught up in the office gossip.

It’s important for an employee to hold these qualities to keep work and interaction efficient. Once you have established yourself as a valuable employee, your coworkers will be more inclined to listen to your ideas and your employer more inclined to promote you.

  1. February 17, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    A good employee always tried to stay away from the office drama. I have seen it bring down a lot of co-workers who have great potential.

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