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Drug-Free Work Week


October hosts a National Drug-Free Work Week each year. This is the time of the year that companies emphasize that “every week is a drug free work week.”

The first Drug-Free Work Week was implemented by the US Department of Labor in 2006 as a way to highlight and improve health and safety for construction industry workers by emphasizing drug-free programs.  In the last six years, it has grown to involve many different companies and organizations.

Drug-free workplace programs are designed to prevent drug-related workplace accidents, improve productivity, reduce costs and encourage employees or coworkers with drug problems to seek help (source).

An Opportunity for your organization

If you are a company or an organization, take advantage of this.  I know it is short notice.  You may not have the money or time to print brochures or pamphlets, but you can bring this to your employees’ attention.  Talk about your drug-free programs in meetings.  Sometimes employees are unaware of the programs at their disposal. Bring that to light and educate them on the steps they can take or the options you offer.  If you choose to get involved in this, make sure everyone in your organization is made aware if it.

This may be an opportunity to create new or reinforce policies for your team.  You may even capture the attention of other companies:

“In Georgia, and many other states, companies that become certified as a drug free workplace receive state-mandated discounts on workers’ compensation insurance. Many insurance companies also give a voluntary discount.” (source)

If you want your organization to get involved in Drug-Free Work Week, check out how to become a part of the program here.

For information on drug testing or drug policy creation for your workplace, please contact us at ARCpoint Labs of Worcester.

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