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College Smoking Bans

Offices aren’t the only places aiming to be drug-free.  College campuses are joining in the initiative, but this time, it’s about smoking.

Campus Smoking Bans


As of July 1, 2012, 774 college campuses in the United States had banned smoking (source).  Soon the University of Oklahoma, the University of Oregon, Montgomery College, the University of South Dakota, and Montana State University with join the ranks of these schools.

“The bans come ahead of an initiative by the White House for increased tobacco-free campuses. U.S. Assistant Secretary at the Department of Health, Howard Koh, will be on the University of Michigan campus on Wednesday announcing the White House initiative to get campuses to enact tobacco-free policies.” (source)

Naturally this initiative was met with some opposition:

“I think if I am at a certain distance away from doors windows and everything I should be able to,” said one University of Michigan student. “It’s kind of like shutting off a public street and saying I can’t smoke on it.” (source)

Students, nationwide, fighting this initiative and claiming that it’s their right to smoke, will be unhappy to know that smoking is mentioned nowhere in the constitution as a right. (source)

The Big Issue

Banning smoking or all tobacco uses on college campuses is a brilliant idea, but the problem is regulation.  How do you enforce it?  Do you warn student?  Do you fine students?  Do you arrest them?  The consequences are completely up to the imaginations of the colleges.

Though it will be hard to regulate, campus leaders are optimistic and be this is a healthy direction:

“We definitely recognized that the country is moving in a smoke-free direction,” said Alissa VanMeeteren, Student Government President at the University. “We really felt that because we are the flagship university, because we are truly moving onward, that this would be the right step for us to take.” (source)

Do you know of any colleges that are going smoke or tobacco free?  Let us know.

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