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Josh Hamilton: Second Chances

Second chances are difficult sometimes.  We give people second chances and hope for them to make the most of it.  The people who receive second chances can either do just that or completely break our trust.  In the workplace, second chances are seldom, but every once and a while, someone takes our trust and does something great with it.


The baseball diamond, while a workplace in its own right, is a bit different, but in Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton’s case, a second chance is all he needed to exceed expectations.

Addiction in the Workplace

Josh Hamilton had fallen into a life of alcohol and drug use.  He’d been suspended and fined in 2004 for multiple MLB drug violations.  He’s been sent to rehab for cocaine use.  In 2005, he was clean at the time of his daughter, Sierra’s birth, only to find his way back to alcohol and cocaine three days later.  He was sent to His latest incident is a relapse into alcohol this past February.

“I’m a drug addict,” says Hamilton, who once deliberately burned his prized left hand with four lit cigarettes in a rage. “It’s not terminal, but there is no cure. It’s hell on earth. It’s a constant struggle. And it’s going to be like that for the rest of my life.”

The craziest to think about, is that when Hamilton is sober, he’s great at what he does.  In his career he has five All-Star appearances, and this past May, managed to rip off four 2-run home runs against the Baltimore Orioles.  Though his slip up in February in noted, Hamilton attributes his sobriety to his faith.

“I’ve never met anybody who hasn’t made a mistake in the past or wrestled with demons,” Hamilton said. “The main thing is you learn from it and you don’t repeat it. I’ve taken some steps in my life to put God and my family first.”

To say that Hamilton has gotten a second chance isn’t true.  He’s gotten multiple chances, and at the current moment, he’s making good of it.  Let’s hope that he keeps it up.

The biggest thing to note is that without alcohol or drugs, Hamilton can succeed in the “workplace”.  His head is clear, and he’s not looking for drugs to get him by.  The workplace can be stressful, but if you count on the positive things that matter most,  you can get through anything. Just don’t let drugs be the thing that get you down.

  1. August 28, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    There is a great moral to this story and its so important for everyone to know that you don’t have to live with addiction, it CAN BE OVERCOME! Thank you for sharing.

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