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A Million Workers On Drugs

I realize that this story is actually coming from the UK, but it caught me off guard. And while these statistics are all done via studies performed abroad, we have some big lessons to learn over here in the USA!

This week the Guardian reported that over a million workers have tested positive to drug use … an increase of 50% over the past FIVE years! Something is going terribly wrong! Not only do statistics show us drug use is becoming more common, but what’s more concerning is that these are drug tests performed in the workplace. It’s employees that are testing positive to a variety of illegal substances. The UK is facing a serious problem when it comes to employee drug use.

Drug Testing the Workplace

The article cited that one cause of this growing problem is a lack of drug testing in the workplace. A director who worked with the company who helped coordinate the study (Concateno) was quoted saying,

“Concateno has seen an increase in the number of businesses seeking assistance with drug and alcohol screening programmes, in order to identify, deter and reduce the risks associated with drug use in the workplace.”


Not only does lack of education create this problem, but lack of frequent drug screening can also contribute to the number of employees using drugs. At least that’s what they’re finding in the UK.

Peel back the figures and I have a feeling we’d have the same findings in the USA. Workplaces with a drug & alcohol policy in place, pre-employment screening process and follow-up drug testing policies have fewer drug & alcohol problems. It’s worth taking the small steps today to hopefully impact the millions tomorrow.

Make sure your business is set up to keep drugs & alcohol out of the workplace.

Start with drug testing and policies regarding drugs & alcohol at your workplace.

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