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5 Reasons To Not Use A Home Drug Testing Kit

Drug testing is pretty accessible these days. A quick Google search will find you several vendors that provide home drug testing kits. And while these may help employees wondering if they will pass the upcoming test, we don’t recommend them when making decisions based on the outcome (especially hiring decisions.) No, we’re not haters when it comes to these drug tests. We’ve just seen a lot and have several reasons why an accredited drug testing facility is the way to go if you’re needing pre-employment drug testing.

Here they are:

1. No Tampering with the Urine Sample

Our restrooms for collections are used ONLY for collections. That means that when an individual comes in to give a urine sample, the sample cannot be adulterated. We even provide same-sex observations if necessary in order to ensure an unadulterated sample was collected.

2. You Can Use the Drug Test in Court

Our tests are “court-admissible” meaning that they can be used in judicial proceedings. We take the proper steps (like checking IDs, taking photos) to ensure that you can use your test in the event a judge or lawyer needs it to make your case.

3. We have a Process for Non-Negative Results

If a test comes back negative, employers know right away. However in the event the test comes back “non-negative,” we send it for further testing. Sometimes this means that the individual is testing positive and there is evidence of drugs or alcohol in the blood stream. Other times the initial screening picked up something false, and the results are indeed negative. An at home drug test doesn’t always allow for further testing and sampling like our processes.

4. DOT-Certified Drug Tests

If you want to employ anyone meeting DOT regulations, you need a drug & alcohol testing partner who’s up-to-speed on the laws and requirements. Find someone who is DOT-certified for your drug & alcohol tests, don’t waste time or money on anything else.

5. Our Collectors Know What they’re Doing

There’s something to be said for experts in a field. It’s similar to why many couples schedule a doctor’s appointment even after their pregnancy test turns up positive – they want the experts to verify. Drug testing can work the same way – having trained experts collect and run each test makes drug testing that much more reliable and accurate. Something an at-home kit cannot provide.

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