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College Grads + Social Media (and getting a job)

Hey college grads – looking for a job? With many alum now degree-in-hand, the job pools are open and applications are flowing this time of year. Which also means so are the pre-employment drug tests and background checks. But in a world saturated by Facebook posts and tweets, is there more to getting a job than passing a drug test these days? Absolutely. If you’re a college grad looking to find employment, here are a few things I recommend as an employer and someone who works with a log of drug-testing businesses near Worcester:

1. Be Prepared for the Drug Test

Many employers know the statistic that the age group using drugs & alcohol most often also happens to be the age group most rapidly entering the workforce. Many employers are requiring drug testing on employees before they make the offer. Even if you don’t know for sure that the future employer will require a drug test, be on the safe side and avoid using drugs. And we mean before AND after you’re hired. If you’ve used in the past and are concerned about passing the test, read about how long drugs tend to stay in your system.

2. Know a Background Check is Coming

Along the same lines as a drug test, many employers also perform background checks on prospective employees. They want to make sure they can trust you with their clients and their business information. You’ll need to provide them with your SSN and driver’s license, and possibly other documents or items (such as fingerprints.) Just know this is coming – you haven’t been targeted – it’s actually a step taken by many responsible employers.

3. Review your Profiles on Social Media

If you’re applying for internships and jobs, know that many employers will try to learn more about you before they even call you for an interview. Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites allow you to keep your profile open (so everyone can see your posts) or closed (only people who you approve can see your posts.) Be mindful of this as you post on Facebook and apply for jobs. Tagged pictures of you on the raft at the lake with two beers in hand will probably not do a lot of good if you’re applying for jobs. And while I’m not saying take the photos off, just lock down your page so that what is personal stays personal for you.

Curious to see if you’ll pass a drug test?

Walk-in to our Worcester lab today and find out.

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