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Can You Cheat A Drug Test with Baking Soda?

As a drug testing lab in Worcester, we’ve seen many ways drug-using individuals have tried to cheat a drug test. And one of the bizarre methods for trying to cheat? Baking soda.

Now it’s not all that bizarre from the standpoint that baking soda is a very common household product. However, we find it odd that many are trying to use it to pass a drug test.

The Thought Behind Baking Soda for Drug Tests


Save your baking soda for the cookies – don’t waste it on trying to pass a drug test.

The idea behind swallowing baking soda to pass a drug test involves acidity. For some reason people began to think that if they’d ingest baking soda, they’d lower the acidity levels in the body and mask their drug use. It’s typically used as a cleansing agent, so I suppose many go to this product when trying to cleanse their systems. Now trying to scarf down a tablespoon or two of baking soda (even in powder form) seems pretty harsh, but the disappointment when this method fails to pass the test is even harder to swallow.

Baking soda is suggested among many meth users trying to flush out their systems. It’s also been thrown out there as a way to pass a hair test. Some online retailers try to sell special products that mask the evidence housed within the hair follicle through a baking soda creme or mixture. However it’s looking like this isn’t exactly a great way to go about passing a drug test.

Does Baking Soda Work when Cheating A Drug Test?

So the question everyone is after – does it work? Spend some time online and you’ll honestly get mixed results. A handful have hopped on message boards and said it’s worked for them – mix some baking soda with water and woah-la – they passed the test. However while these “success” stories may be found on a few sites – even more of what’s being found are questions posed to message boards without any answer. It seems as though there’s not a widespread agreement that chugging down baking soda works when trying to pass a drug test – at least not among the drug-using community. And I’d second that in my Worcester drug testing lab.

Think about it for a second – chugging down baking soda isn’t only unhealthy, but it’s also pretty dangerous. Ingesting too much can give you serious health risks. It’s not worth it, and especially for a method that’s not got a proven track record when it comes to cheating drug tests. If you don’t believe me – just see for yourself. Opinions on baking soda’s effectiveness to pass a drug test are all over the board. Doesn’t seem to be working so great though.

From my perspective as someone who sees individuals passing and not passing drug tests every day – the best route when trying to pass a drug test is to stop doing drugs! Don’t scarf down a box of baking soda – it’s results are less than glowing plus it’s not worth the risk. Our drug tests have advanced so much these days, it’s very difficult to cheat a drug test – no matter what drug you took. Your best option is to first – make a commitment to stop using or stay clean (especially if you’re about to work for someone who requires a drug-free, zero-tolerance work environment.) And second – stop using drugs. That’s the surest way you’ll pass the test.

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  1. Michael B
    May 24, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Yeah, I Tried The Baking Soda Trick…Un-Aware I had a Small Ulcer….My Stomach Blew Up….3 TBs All It Took….

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