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What Are You Risking?

As an employer, it’s critical to follow due diligence when hiring a candidate or making hiring decisions. Sure, it’s easier sometimes to skip the background check and drug & alcohol test. Especially when you have an immediate opening that needed filled YESTERDAY. However before you rush the hiring process and give away a security card and name tag, make sure you know who you’re hiring. Not only for your sake – but for the people who trust you’s sake, too.


Background screenings for those in education and healthcare are especially important.

Working with At-Risk Groups?

Many groups who use our drug & alcohol testing and background screening services work in industries with “at-risk” client groups. This means that your employees are often working hands-on with individuals and must be trusted. Some of this plays out through:

  • Schools – working with our youth
  • Hospitals – caring for the sick
  • Nursing homes – providing care for the elderly

Whatever your unique situation, if you’re in one of these “at risk” groups, there are no excuses when it comes to avoiding negligent hiring processes.

Why Perform Background Screening?

All employers are encouraged to engage in pre-employment background screening for potential candidates but especially those in education, healthcare and other “at-risk” industries. Just think about it – not only are your employees on the “front lines” of your business being the hands and feet of your organization to your clients. They’re also trusted in positions of authority and have access to client’s personal and sometimes financial data. You must know that the person you’re hiring is trustworthy and can have access to this information. And performing due diligence in the background screening is the right step.

What Are You Risking?

Not taking the time to properly access and qualify your job applicants can possibly create future lawsuits, turnover, waste of time and ruined reputation. It’s not worth the risk to skip the background screenings. Take the time and do it right – your co-workers AND your clients will thank you.

Need help with Background Screening in Worcester? Call ARCpoint Labs today.

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