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Drive Thru Drugs?

A Texas Dairy Queen was dishing out more than double-dipped chocolate cones this week as two employees were busted for selling drugs behind the store. Although the employees were caught handling and transacting drugs outside of the building, ValleyCentral.com reported that drugs were also being stored inside of the fast food restaurant. Not exactly what you’d expect or hope out of those flipping your burgers or icing your ice cream cake. We can only imagine how the owner feels.


Screening your fast food workers for drug use is important...

Read more about the Dairy Queen Drug Bust here.

Drug Screenings for Fast Food Workers

As we read through the story, we couldn’t help but be reminded about why drug screenings are important for employers… and in this case, fast food restaurant owners and managers. With a large applicant pool coming from the age group most rapidly using drugs AND entering the workforce, drug screening is a must.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

A best practice to begin before you hire anyone to work in your fast food restaurant is to request a drug test. Request the test before you ever offer a job – this will let you know what type of individual you’re hiring to work at your restaurant and represent your company. You should know if the employee has been using drugs before you ever make an investment on job training.

Routine Drug Testing Your Fast Food Employees

You may also want to consider routine drug testing of your fast food employees. We’re wondering if the owner of the Texas Dairy Queen wishes he would have implemented this practice before his business hit headlines and the blogs. Make sure you can trust your employees to handle food, run the store and handle money.

Drug testing is a wise investment, and especially for owners of fast food restaurants. It will protect your business and ensure you are staffing reliable and trustworthy employees. And a lesson learned by the Texas Dairy Queen, drug testing your employees may also help keep you and your employees out of the headlines…. and jail.

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